Evan’s Blazing 3rd Birthday

Last week we celebrated our sweet Evan turning three – which is a little hard to wrap my mind around! It seems like just yesterday that I was holding him for the first time and these past three years have just flown by. I had been talking to him about his upcoming birthday for several months, and he has been so excited and kept telling me that he wanted a “Blaze cake” and lots of balloons and a party! So we put together a simple little birthday brunch for him with a Blaze and the Monster Machines theme and made sure to have lots and lots of balloons for him! He invited a few special friends for a morning filled with chocolate chip pancakes, cake, and fun!Evans3BDay-4Evans3BDay-5Evans3BDay-6Evans3BDay-15Evans3BDay-18Being a mom has been far and away the greatest joy in my life, and words cannot express how much I love and cherish my boys! I love making a big deal out of their birthdays as I really do feel that it is so important to celebrate them and show them how grateful I am for them. Birthdays have become such a big deal to us, and the kids get so excited about their special day! Evan is the little character of our family with loads of personality. He is sweet, spunky, silly, and has a scream on him like no other (I swear he could shatter glass!). He is such a blessing to us and has brought so much joy and laughter. Life is brighter with him in it and I’m so grateful that he’s mine.


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