Apple Picking

ApplePicking10.14.18-2My Top // My Jeans // My Jacket // My Boots  —  Cole’s Top (Gap – old, similar) // Cole’s Jeans // Cole’s Shoes  —  Evan’s Top (Gap – old, similar) // Evan’s Vest  // Evan’s Jeans // Evan’s Boots

One of our favorite family activities on a crisp, fall afternoon is to head up to the orchard for apple picking! My boys are quintessential city kids so I absolutely love getting them out to enjoy nature in the countryside as much as possible. This year was extra fun because Evan is now old enough to understand the whole point of apple picking, and he was so determined to pick as many apples as he possibly could! The boys both swore that their freshly picked apples were the best they had ever tasted (and they probably ate at least 10 each while picking them!). The orchard we love to go to is hidden away on the edge of the small town of Emmett, about a 45 minute drive from downtown Boise. Enjoying this time spent together outdoors and soaking in the beautiful scenery, really has become such a special tradition for our family!


A few tips for making the most of your apple picking experience:

Snacks Nothing will bring the fun to a halt faster than kids whining they are hungry! Of course there are plenty of apples to snack on, and being prepared with some simple snacks that go well with apples (like cheese, crackers, and nuts) will definitely make the day more enjoyable! My kids always love a mini-picnic so it just adds to the fun experience of the day.

Cute buckets I totally failed on this one this year, and we ended up just using the giant bags and buckets provided at the orchard. While they are certainly utilitarian, they aren’t very cute for pictures! Next year I would love to grab a few cute baskets like this set.

Wagon A 5 gallon bucket of apples is really heavy. Two 5 gallon buckets is even heavier. Packing around really heavy buckets of apples all afternoon is not enjoyable. We brought along this wagon to haul our apples in which was a lifesaver.

Make a game of it Boys are super competitive, so nothing gets our boys more enthusiastic than a friendly contest. Whether it is who can pick the most apples, or who finds the largest apple, a little competition makes things more fun!

Don’t forget the camera Apple picking makes for such a cute fall photo op! I love getting lots of candids of my kids having fun gathering their apples (those are my favorite kind of photos!), and I always bribe the kids to pose for a family pic or two as well.

Continue the fun at home My kids are always super excited to get home after apple picking, because it’s dessert time! The kids helped me bake an apple crisp and an apple pie when we got home, and it was the perfect way to cap off our day! We used this apple crisp recipe and this apple pie recipe – both are very simple, delicious, and fill your home with amazing smells. The hardest part is prepping the apples, but this little tool makes peeling and coring a whole lot easier!


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