Weekend Notes 10.20

Thursday night Cole’s school held their annual Boo Bash – which is essentially a fall carnival/Halloween party. Our family Halloween costumes aren’t quite ready yet as we are insane making the majority of our costumes this year, so we had to scramble and come up with something quick. Evan ended up in an old astronaut costume of Cole’s, and I grabbed a simple bandit costume for Cole.

Of course no carnival is complete without a cake walk, and my boys were determined to come home with dessert. After walking at least 20 rounds, and it wasn’t looking promising with the carnival down to the last few desserts, Evan finally got his number called and got to come home with some chocolate cupcakes. You would have thought the kids won the lottery with how excited they were! Coming home and eating chocolate cupcakes and getting to stay up late watching Halloween movies was pretty much the highlight of their week.

Costume inspo I am planning on buckling down this weekend and working on getting our Halloween costumes finished. Do you have your Halloween costumes yet?! Here’s some fun family costume ideas!

New running kicks I just bought some much needed new running shoes and after a few test runs I have to say these Brooks are amazing!

Skincare favorites A few skincare products I have really been loving! First up this Foreo Luna. My skin has been clearer and brighter since I started using this a few months ago. I am also obsessed with this Vit C, E and Ferulic Acid serum which is a dupe of the nearly identical and much more expensive Skinceuticals serum. I’ve been using it for 3 months now and my skin tone has visibly improved!

Recipe refresh A friend sent me a photo of the most amazing looking skillet cookie she had baked a few weeks back and I was all…Need. Recipe. Now. It is in Chrissy Tiegen’s new cookbook which I just purchased and I can’t wait to try so many of the recipes. They all look amazing and perfect comfort food for the cooler weather!

Get out and vote November 6th is fast approaching, and it is so important to get out & exercise your right to vote! Go here to check your registration status and find your polling place.


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