The Pumpkin Patch

My Shirt // My Jeans // My Boots  —  Cole’s Shirt (Uniqlo, also similar here) // Cole’s Vest // Cole’s Jeans // Cole’s Shoes  —  Evan’s Shirt // Evan’s Vest // Evan’s Jeans // Evan’s Boots

Is it really fall until you’ve been to the pumpkin patch?! (It’s not!) This past weekend we finally made it out to our favorite local pumpkin patch, The Farmstead. We always have an absolute blast and it is something we look forward to doing every single year. It is a tradition to walk out into the field and we each pick our pumpkin that we will carve for Halloween! A friend of mine has a really cute rule, that has stuck and become ours as well…and that rule is that you must choose a pumpkin you can carry. If you can’t pick it up and carry it to the wagon, then you can’t choose that one! It makes it a little bit more fun, as the kids will spend some time looking for the biggest pumpkin they can possibly carry!

There is so much more to do at The Farmstead than just pick pumpkins and some of my kid’s favorite activities include; Rusty the dragon, the potato sack slide, the corn maze, the apple blaster, the “corn” box, the zipline, and barnyard ball! There are so many activities to do, it really does take a full day to get to everything. This year we decided to do something a little different and go during the evening so we could watch the fireworks, and the show was well worth it. And because one trip just isn’t enough, we’ve already purchased bounce back passes (The Farmstead offers discounted tickets for a return visit!) and plan to go again one more time before they close for the season!



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