Family Christmas Pajama Picks

My Pajamas: Old Navy Top, Old Navy Bottoms, Old Navy Slippers  //  Kid’s Pajamas: Old Navy Tops, Target Bottoms (Only $5 and there are sizes for the whole family!)

I read an article the other day about traditions (you can read it here) and it talked about why silly traditions like Christmas pajamas actually matter. My kids absolutely love our tradition of opening one present on Christmas Eve, which is always matching pajamas, and the article explains how traditions make us feel loved, connected, and create memories.

There are so many cute family pajamas to choose from this year, and I’m linking some of my favorites! There are also a lot of super affordable options as well starting at $5, and so many print options – from traditional to whimsical.

White & Red Plaid Pajamas

Plaid Union Suits

Rugby Stripe Pajamas (We wore these last year!)

Holiday Red Plaid Pajamas

Navy & Red Plaid Pajamas (I just ordered these!)

Gnome Pajamas

Christmas Light Pajamas

Deer Print Pajamas

Candy Cane Stripe Pajamas

Buffalo Check Pajamas

Penguin Pajamas (Toddler, Dad, Kid, Mom)



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