Weekend Notes 12.9.18

I’m finally back to blogging after a somewhat difficult past few weeks. I developed some complications with a tooth that had some dental work done many years ago, and had sudden onset severe pain and was pretty under the weather for about a week while I got it sorted out. I ultimately had to have a minor dental surgery, and I am so thankful to finally be feeling better! I’m also glad that I’m feeling well in time to start enjoying Christmas festivities with my little family. Over the past week we put up our first real Christmas tree, experienced our first snow of the season, and I got most of my Christmas shopping done online while I was recovering. We also went to the movies and saw The Grinch this past weekend, which the kids absolutely loved!

Hooked on this show I am a Christmas movie nut, and will watch every single classic Christmas movie multiple times around the holiday…not to mention all the Hallmark movies. But occasionally I feel a need for a break from all the saccharine sweetness…and this show is just that break. Dirty John (the Podcast) has been made into a Bravo mini series. I binge watched the first two episodes this week, and can’t wait for episode 3 tonight! I will admit, the show isn’t quite as compelling as the podcast and has some minor variations from the true story, but if you liked the podcast you will love this guilty pleasure show.

Must buy boots I couldn’t resist a few Black Friday buys for myself, and when I saw these boots (I’m wearing above) I had been eyeing go on sale I snapped them up. I wore them several times this week, and every single time I wore them I got stopped and complimented and asked where I bought them! They are really comfortable and cozy and I can’t recommend them enough. This similar style is really cute too and these on sale for under $90 are a steal!

No fail Christmas gift for kids I feel like it can be really hard getting your kids Christmas gifts that are fun, have some kind of educational value, and aren’t boring two days after opening. We purchased the Osmo Genius Kit for Cole two years ago and he still plays with it all the time. We also ended up getting him the coding game and the creative set and these are his 2 favorite games with the system. I am planning on doing a more comprehensive gift guide for kids this week if you are still needing ideas, but this is a gift for kids you can’t go wrong with!

For cozy nights in This Slow-Cooker Hot Cocoa recipe came across my Facebook feed the other day, and I am going to have to make it at some point over the holidays. Cuddling up with the kids with a cup of hot cocoa and watching one of our favorite Christmas movies sounds pretty dang perfect!


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