Christmas Gift Guide for Kids

Today I’m writing up a gift guide for no-fail Christmas gifts for kids! There are so many gift guides out there, but I specifically wanted to share gifts we have purchased for our kids that have been huge hits and they are still playing with regularly years later. I am also including a few gifts we have purchased this year that I think are also going to be hits as well! I also read an article the other day that talked about “going back to basics” this year, and avoiding a lot of electronics/video games etc (you can read here). Not only do I agree with the article, but from my experience, my kids are happiest with educational gifts, and gifts that allow them to create and build. Most of my recommendations are simpler, non electronic gifts – and those that are electronic are educational!

Wooden Building Blocks I gave these to Evan for Christmas last year, and both of my kids still have a blast building towers with these!

Magnetic Tiles Another toy my kids love building towers and houses with! There’s also a more affordable version here and they have fantastic reviews!

Marble Run My kids literally spend hours creating different marble runs and they play with this a ton.

Osmo Starter Kit / Coding Game / Creative Set  We purchased these 3 Osmo games for Cole two years ago and he still plays with them all the time! His favorites are the Creative Set and Coding game. This is a really fantastic set and I can’t recommend it enough.

Legos You can never go wrong with Legos. Although we often buy our kids specific building sets, they always end up taking them apart and coming up with their own creations. We have a huge bin full of Legos!

Hot Wheels Tracks Our boys absolutely love playing with Hot Wheels (in fact that is their favorite stocking stuffer) so I can’t wait to surprise them with these fun tracks!

Ozobot Coding Set Cole’s school has these in their STREAM lab and we got an opportunity to try them out at his school’s STEM night a few months ago. My kids had an absolute blast playing with them, and it teaches kids how to code! We will be gifting this for Christmas this year.

Art Set also here Cole is a budding little artist and is always drawing something! I can’t wait to gift him this art set which has all the supplies he could ever need, and even includes a built in easel!

Don’t Step In It Game My kids absolutely love board games, and being boys of course they think poop is hysterical. It has been really cold here and we’ve been a bit cooped up, so I caved and bought them this game a week ago to play with now. We’ve played it several times and they absolutely love it. It’s a super simple game that even my three year old can play and enjoy.

Don’t Break the Ice Game My husband bought this for Evan a few weeks ago, not knowing it was one of his favorite games he plays at preschool! He caved and gave the kids this game early as well, and it’s a really fun, simple family game.

Take Apart Car My little one loves taking things apart, and whether its destructiveness or curiosity (hopefully the latter!), I felt like this would be a perfect toy for him this year!

Tool set Another perfect gift for my 3 year old who is obsessed with daddy’s tools and follows him around mimicking him when he’s doing stuff around the house.

Remote Control Car (that drives on walls??!) Curiosity got me on this one and we will be gifting this one this year! It has lots of positive reviews and figured it would be more entertaining than their typical remote control cars!

Funny Books – Plants vs Zombies / Dogman My 8 year old kiddo really likes funny things, and he can sit and read funny books for hours. He absolutely loves these two series!

Magic Tracks My husband got these for Evan last year and he’s obsessed. He will build all kind of track configurations & plays with this for hours!

Gizmo Pal Watch/Phone We bought this for Cole for his birthday a few months ago, and it was worth every penny. He wears it every single day and loves knowing that mom and dad are a phone call away should he need anything. It also has GPS tracking and has the ability to allow him to make recordings.

Magformers These are another really fun magnet building toy that allows kids to build not only fun shapes, but also neat cars as well!


3 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Guide for Kids

    1. The amount of options are definitely overwhelming! But I’ve found my kids are always happiest with the simpler stuff rather than the flashy electronic toys or the trendy latest and greatest 🙂 I hope this was helpful!

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