Stocking Stuffers For Kids

Today’s post is dedicated to stocking stuffers! I am always trying to find a balance with finding stocking stuffers that aren’t junky, but also aren’t super expensive either. Here’s a list of some things we have gifted our kids in the past and a few things we have planned for this year!

Mini packages of Legos As I mentioned in my gift guide, Legos are always a huge hit and you can never have enough. My kids always get one of the small packages in their stockings.

Play doh My little one especially loves play doh and can play with it for hours!

Playing cards My big kiddo has so much fun playing card games with his dad, but of course with kids, cards tend to go missing after awhile so he can always use an extra set.

Walkie Talkies My kids have been asking for a set to play with together, so they are each getting one in their stocking this year!

Remote Control Toys The kids received this remote control set last year and it’s a fun little toy! Another gift set where you can put one in each kid’s stocking.

Hot Wheels My kids probably have 100 of these, and they still don’t get old! They always get a couple in their stockings every year.

SmartWool Socks These socks are the absolute best and keep their feet toasty warm on the coldest days skiing or playing in the snow.

Rubiks Cube I’m gifting my older kiddo this in his stocking this year!

Magic 8 Ball Would be a fun gift for any kid.

Jello-O Play These look like a fun & edible activity to keep little ones busy on a cold winter day!

Hot cocoa packet with a candy cane A yummy gourmet cocoa with a candy cane is always a fun treat to find in a stocking.

iTunes Gift Card A gift card to put towards episodes of favorite TV shows or a new movie would be a no fail gift.

Fun flavored chapstick For the inevitably chapped winter lips.

Fun bath soap My kids go crazy for this foaming bath soap and have a blast playing with it.

Night Light This nightlight looks like the neatest thing ever and beats the days of putting stickers all over your ceiling like when I was a kid.

Slippers My boys have been asking for slippers for Christmas and this plaid set looks so grown up

Mini art set So cute for travel or taking to restaurants to keep kids busy

Joke book My eight year old loves telling jokes, so I know he is going to love this

Whoopie Cushions Another fun gift for silly kids

Fingerling I’m giving in to the hype and getting one for my 3 year old

Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks Perfect little set for travel or in restaurants


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