Christmas Gifts For Teachers

I’m continuing my gift series this week, with some gift ideas for teachers! I always find teacher gifts to be the hardest gifts, because I feel so much pressure to get them something they like (I mean, teachers deserve a nice gift!) but have no idea where to even begin beyond the cliche gifts.

This year Cole’s school has a binder with all of the teacher’s likes, hobbies, and interests – and also a section that says “thank you but I already have enough…” I spent some time looking at all of the teachers likes & what they already have enough of to help me write this blog post and also help me with Evan’s preschool teachers! A few things I consistently noted that teachers do NOT need more of:


Starbucks Gift Cards

Movie Tickets

Body Lotions

I’m guilty of buying a few of these in the past, so I’m happy to have a better idea of what not to get my kid’s teachers going forward! But I still need to come up with a few ideas for Evan’s teacher’s and Cole’s assistant teacher, as well as the receptionist at his school which didn’t have lists done. After looking at the things many of the teachers consistently do seem to like, I’ve come up with a few ideas!

Red wine and chocolate This is what I’m getting Cole’s teacher this year since I saw these things on her likes list (and nobody is more deserving of a glass of wine than teachers!). Of course this may not be appropriate for every teacher, but if they have ever mentioned enjoying a glass of wine it’s a no fail gift!

Amazon or Target Gift Card Who doesn’t like Amazon or Target?! Plus you can pretty much guarantee there is something there for everyone and they will love their present.

Luxurious foot cream with cozy socks This would definitely be a nice gift for a teacher to pamper herself a bit over the holiday break.

Personalized Pencils These look so fancy, and guarantee the kids will have to return them!

Desk Calendar With the New Year approaching, a nice new desk calendar would be a practical gift and also a little fancier than they may buy for themselves.

A pretty floral arrangement A beautiful holiday floral arrangement that would make for a nice centerpiece in their home over the holiday would be a lovely gift.

A cozy blanket or blanket scarf I’m actually loving this idea for Evan’s preschool teacher’s and planning on getting each of them a cozy blanket scarf that can double as a throw or travel blanket should any of them not be scarf wearers. He has five teachers, so it’s been a little tricky coming up with a gift that wouldn’t break the bank and would work for all of them, and I think this is something that everyone can find a use for!

Festive hand soap with a hand towel This is something people don’t tend to pamper themselves with, and is something that would be so nice for anyone around the holidays. I ended up purchasing this classic Spode set for the receptionist at Cole’s school along with a lovely smelling Rosemary Mint hand soap.

Tote Bag A cute bag to haul all of their books and papers around would be a functional and practical gift. Adding a monogram makes it more personal!

Candle I am someone who is very sensitive to scents, so I am wary of buying people strongly scented things. However, I do feel that a nice holiday scent like cinnamon/clove or a very soft scent like vanilla or sugar cookie would appeal to most people, and Nest makes the most amazing fragrances.

Coffee of the month club If your teacher likes coffee, I feel like this is a gift they will appreciate that goes beyond the cliche Starbucks gift card.

Fruit basket I’ve gifted and received many Harry & David’s baskets over the years…and you can’t go wrong with them! Having a healthier treat like their amazing pears, is a nice respite from all of the holiday goodies.

Restaurant gift card If you are able to find out what foods/restaurants they like, I think this would be a gift that anyone would love!

Tea set If your teacher isn’t a wine drinker, a sampler of some relaxing teas would be another way for them to unwind! You can make the gift a bit fancier with adding a honey gift set and a tea bag holder!

Homemade gift and/or letter I think most teachers would love to have a handwritten letter from their students, and those are the kinds of gifts I think teachers remember. I’m also thinking it might be fun for the kids to make some homemade cinnamon ornaments to attach to their teacher’s gifts to make it a little more personal and of course smell lovely!


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