My Closet Reveal

A bit of a backstory; after 3 years at our last home, we decided to seriously consider a move early last year. While we really liked our last home, we never loved the location as it was several miles out of town & a bit of a drive for everything we wanted to do. It was also not zoned for the greatest elementary school so we had Cole enrolled in private school – which really had become a nightmare situation for so many reasons. We started looking around and had found a community we really loved that was up in the foothills outside of Boise…but we just couldn’t pull the trigger because we were worried about being in the same situation with feeling a bit too isolated. Then we came across a brand new community in a location that couldn’t be more perfect for us. Minutes from downtown, right next to the Boise river, hiking in the foothills right down the street, and in a 10/10 ranked K-12 public school district. Although we were very familiar with the builder, the house wasn’t even built & the finishes were all pre-selected so we would not be able to make any changes. We also had to try to decipher blueprints and try to determine if we even liked the floor plan! However with how hot the housing market was (and still is!) in Boise, we knew we had to make a quick decision. We submitted our offer in June, the house went up and was completed by mid August, and we moved in a week before Cole started his new school. I can’t even tell you how stressful it was, but now that we are here, I’m so thankful we took the leap and absolutely love our new home, neighborhood and school! Evan even started preschool at a little school that is in our neighborhood and he absolutely loves it. There’s shops and restaurants we can walk to, a new huge park being built across the street, and we are in biking distance of downtown. It really couldn’t be more perfect for us!

It was such a whirlwind moving in, and I’m finally starting to catch my breath and want to start working on finishing decorating all the rooms in the house this year. But one of the things I want to focus on first this year is getting my storage spaces in order. First up was getting my closet completed! The closet in this house is actually quite a bit smaller than the closet I had in my last house, and also not nearly as functional for me with very limited shelving. And while I was spoiled in my last closet with floor to ceiling shoe shelving, my new closet had absolutely no designated shoe shelving. I knew I was going to have to maximize every inch of space, and the only place to go was up. I ordered multiple floating shelves from Ikea and had them installed in the empty space above my clothing. While it’s certainly not the typical place to store shoes, it is actually working out very well for me! I keep a step stool tucked in a corner so I can access my shoes easily. I also desperately needed additional shelving space for a place to store accessories, so I added this DIY island. I had looked around one for awhile, but the most affordable option I found was this $900 option, so on the hunt for something more affordable I found this Ikea hack! I modified the design to fit my smaller space, and I placed 2 Kallax units back to back with drawers placed in 2 cubbies. I left the rest of the cubbies open to place folded scarves, jewelry trays, hats and some of my pretty designer shoe boxes which also double as additional storage space! I’m still hoping to find a scrap piece of quartz or granite that is the correct size so I can put a table top on the island to make it look like a custom piece! What you need to build the island:

All of my display pieces are several years old. The necklace bust display, bracelet holder, and mirror were all purchased at Target. The ceramic tray was from J Crew, the small silver ring cup was from Target, and the silver tray was from Home Goods. Since they are all long sold out, here are some similar options!

Stacked jewelry trays for costume jewelry (similar here and here)I used 6 Ikea Lack Shelves to create the shoe shelving in my closet. This brand also has multiple sizes available and is very affordable and I think this would be such a neat option for a more industrial looking space!I utilized built in cubbies to store purses, folded jeans, and folded sweaters. I use fabric bins to store seasonal stuff like my ski gear, winter accessories like hats and gloves, and swimsuits.Everything is hanging on slim velvet hangars to maximize space and I also organized everything by color and type of item.In the drawers, I keep accessories like sunglasses, scarves, belts, and additional jewelry

Replacing the light fixture to a fun chandelier is definitely on my to-do list this year as well. But overall I’m really pleased with how the space has turned out and it has been very functional for me. If you are looking to give your closet a refresh, or maximize a smaller space, I hope this was helpful! Thanks so much for stopping by!


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