Life Lately

Top // Jeans // Sandals (Topshop, old – similar) // Sunglasses // Barrette // Necklace // Bag — Evans Shirt // Jeans // Shoes

Things have been BUSY around here. It seems like we went from hibernating and dealing with a long, miserable winter – to hitting spring going 100 mph! We finally got Evan enrolled in swim lessons which has been long overdue. So far he’s loving them and he’s already seeming a lot more confident on the water! He also started soccer last weekend and I’m so impressed at how hard he’s trying and how good he did (especially since it was a cold & rainy morning)! He scored 2 goals during their cute little scrimmage so I was a very proud mom!!!

We also finally added a new member to our family…a sweet little kitty named Max (or Space Cucumber depending on who you ask!). Cole has been begging for a pet for ages so we have been seriously talking about it for months now. On a whim my husband took the kids to the shelter & they fell in love with this kitty. He’s been a little under the weather with some kind of tummy upset/sickness since we got him (not gonna lie – it hasn’t been pleasant), but after a trip to the vet last week he seems to be turning around and doing much better. Cole has also been busy working on preparing for his annual Taekwondo tournament coming up next month!

We are finally getting outside a bit more and enjoying the beautiful spring weather here in Boise. We visited the Easter bunny last weekend, and took a little stroll afterward enjoying some of the pretty blossoming trees that are all over town right now! Ev and I also had a fun mommy/son day on Friday since he didn’t have school, so we went to lunch and went shopping for his soccer gear.

Top // Jeans // Shoes // Bag // Sunglasses

Cole’s shirt // Jeans // Shoes

And as for me…I’m going back to school (sort of)! I am an RN, but decided to take a break while my kids were little as nursing can be such a draining career – plus with my husbands job requiring a lot of travel I needed to be able to be home for the kids. Now that they are getting older, I’m feeling ready to dip my toe back in and possibly start back up on a part time basis or explore some non-clinical telecommute opportunities. I took my first step and enrolled in a nurse refresher program and it feels exciting to be getting ready to put scrubs back on soon!

Happy Friday!Signature

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