My Pantry Reveal: Before and After

This project has been on my to-do list since we moved last summer. And between now and then I’ve spent tons of time looking at Pinterest inspo and dreaming of one day having an organized pantry. I came to realize a few things which finally motivated me to get in gear and get this finished: one – we waste a ton of food. When the pantry is stuffed to the brim and things are crammed in there, we can’t see what we really have and we end up buying too much, or things expire and go to waste because they are lost in the black hole. And two – my kids constantly seem to be whining they are hungry and wanting snacks, and have difficulty finding things on their own. Again because of things hiding in boxes crammed behind other things. I really wanted my pantry to become a beautiful space that was functional – with everything clearly visible in clear containers. I really couldn’t be happier how everything came together and am absolutely loving this new functional pantry!

For a bit of perspective – here is my before pic. And this isn’t the worst of it (I really should have taken a true before!). This was after a bit of organizing to get a sense of what organization containers I wanted to buy/figure out how many I needed. Believe it or not, it actually looked quite a bit worse than this. And it was impossible to find anything!

My search started at The Container Store. I was on the hunt for clear bins in various sizes to sort kids snacks, chips, bread, etc. They have the best prices for simple, clear bins which is exactly what I wanted! I also ordered some of their stacking bins for canned goods, vitamins/medicine, and paper towels/toilet paper.


Clear bins // Stacking baskets

My kids love cereal, and I wanted to facilitate them being able to get themselves a quick breakfast. I found this cereal dispenser and knew it was a must have! I put a few favorites in the dispenser, with a few other options in clear bins below. I also wanted to keep all of the kids snacks all together at a low height where Evan can reach, so the bottom two shelves are full of bins of individual packaged snacks, and jars of dried snacks (popcorn, crackers, snack mix, etc)!


Cereal dispenser // Cereal containers // Jars

I found these canisters for all of my dried goods (like pasta, rice, popcorn, oats, etc), and I absolutely love having everything in clear, labeled containers! I can now see exactly what we have, and when we are running low.


Dried goods containers

Getting coffee in the morning is SO much easier now with our organized coffee station. Prior to this (embarrassingly) we had all of our Kureg cups thrown into a big box – and my husband & I were constantly digging through it to each find our coffee we like. And this cute cookie jar has literally been collecting dust for a few years – it is actually being put to use now! (And full of cookies!). I also got a few baskets to keep miscellaneous things like sodas, garbage bags, and my popcorn popper.


Kureg pod stand // Cookie jar // Baskets


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