Throwback To Cole’s Plants vs Zombies 8th Birthday Party

As Cole’s 9th birthday party is creeping up on us and party prep is in full swing, I’ve been reminiscing about birthdays past and I thought it would be fun to do a throwback post to his 8th birthday party from last year! Plus it’s Friday the 13th so sharing his zombie party seemed fitting.

Every year Cole picks his party theme and last year I was a little concerned I wasn’t going to be able to come up with anything when he told me he wanted a Plants vs Zombies party (if you aren’t familiar it’s a popular video game!). While I think his “Where the Wild Things Are” 6th Birthday Party will always be my favorite – this ended up being one of my favorite party themes and was a ton of fun to put together.

I always keep food pretty simple for my kids’ parties (the kids are usually more interested in playing than eating!) but the brain jello was definitely a hit. To keep the kids entertained we had a bounce house, and a zombie survival station where the kids could arm themselves with guns, glow sticks, and candy that fit in with the theme. The guns were a huge hit and the kids formed zombie teams and spent hours playing! They also made for a fun party favor to take home (I’m even thinking of getting them again for this year’s party). We also had a “jalapeño piñata” – because you can never have too much candy.

Plants vs Zombies Party Decor:

Birthday banner

Tablecloths/Plates/Cups: Zurchers


Traffic cones

Galvanized serving tray

Galvanized bin

Galvanized caddy (similar)

Brain jello mold

Artificial sunflowers & vases: Dollar Tree

Candy jars with galvanized tray (also here)

Dart shooters: Dollar Tree

Glow sticks

Beware of zombies sign

“Keep out” streamer (similar)

Bloody handprints

Chili pepper piñata

Cake by Albertsons Bakery


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