Cole is Nine

Yesterday my Cole bug turned nine. I just don’t know how it’s already been 9 years – it honestly feels like just yesterday I was bringing this sweet little guy home. The day he was born really was the start of the best chapter of my life – motherhood. Nothing has brought me as much joy as getting to be a mom, and every day I’m so thankful for my boys. I hate to sound like one of THOSE parents because of course Cole isn’t “perfect” (like all kids he has his struggles and his moments!) – but he’s pretty dang close. He’s just one of those kids that for the most part is easy to parent. He’s smart, responsible, kind, compassionate, and funny. He’s a kindness ambassador at his school, he’s dedicated to Taekwondo, he is always determined to do his best at school and extracurriculars, and he’s a good friend to anyone he comes across. He’s incredibly sweet natured and loves to make people laugh. I don’t even know how I got so lucky to have this awesome little human as my son and I’m continually so proud of him. He’s truly one of the best people I know.

This past weekend we celebrated his birthday with a fun superhero themed party at our house! I created the backdrop using PVC pipe (tutorial here) and made a DIY balloon garland which I will share a quick tutorial post of how I create my garlands in the next few days! Cole told me for months that for his birthday he just wanted a bounce house with a slide and to have toys guns for a gun fight like he had at last years party. He also loves hot dogs, so I thought it would be fun to have a hot dog bar! I had a variety of toppings & a “menu” of some different creations – and the more adventurous kids had fun trying some of the different toppings. While we kept the overall theme of the party a somewhat generic superhero theme – we had a “Cole Danger” birthday cake as one of his favorite TV shows is Henry Danger. In addition to the toy guns (which the guests took home as a party favor) we also had superhero masks for the kids to wear (and keep) as well as a candy bar to take home a goodie bag of treats!

(It was windy so I had a tough time getting pics of the backdrop/balloons without it blowing all over!)


Superhero backdrop

Backdrop frame: DIY (tutorial here or purchase backdrop here)

Balloon garland: DIY (tutorial coming soon! I use inexpensive balloons like these)

Plates, cups, napkins, black tablecloth: Zurchers

Red table runner

Galvanized tray

Galvanized tub

Galvanized utensil caddy

Cake stand: Arthur Court (similar)

Popcorn boxes

Superhero tablecloth

Candy jars

Gun party favors: Dollar Tree

Superhero masks

Superhero name tags

Bounce house: Idaho Inflatables

Cake: Albertsons Bakery

For his actual birthday yesterday, we had a simple family celebration at home. I kept up his backdrop from the party and added some party hats (and of course another cake because you can never have too much cake!). Evan picked out a few small gifts that he paid for himself (so cute!) and we surprised him with an Xbox which he’s been asking for for well over a year. We’ve kept telling him no so he was stunned when he got it – and it was a really fun surprise!

Cole’s PJs

Happiest of birthdays my sweet boy! I love you more than words can say…


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