Countdown To Halloween

My Costume | Booties | Cole’s Costume | Handcuffs | Evan’s Costume

This past week we’ve been trying to have all the Halloween fun we can possibly have! Over the weekend we attended the Old Idaho Penitentiary’s annual “Frightened Felons” night which was an absolute blast! We got dressed up in our SWAT and prisoner costumes and spent a spooky evening going through the haunted house, listening to ghost stories, playing games, drinking cocoa, and touring the old buildings. They had these super cool projections up showing pictures of actual prisoners there from years ago and the dark grounds were so spooky at night! There was a paranormal team there which was really interesting and you could also take a self guided tour. The old execution room was especially creepy to see at night (and they even added a dummy for dramatic effect). This was one of the coolest Boise events we’ve done and I can’t wait to go back next year!

We also spent an afternoon biking around town and looking at Halloween decorations. There was a house we came across that was absolutely incredible – they totally nailed it! The animatronics all talked and the Zombie especially was just so good.

On Sunday it was time to check a few must do traditions off our list…make Halloween sugar cookies and carve our pumpkins! We always make a fun day out of it by watching a Halloween movie marathon during the day while we bake and decorate cookies – and in the evening we turn on Halloween music while we carve!

Over the weekend we got “Booed” and “Booed” our neighbors as well which is such a fun tradition! Both of our neighbors on either side of us no longer have littles at home, so we put together “adult” Boo Baskets with some Trader Joe’s goodies and mini pumpkins (these would be cute hostess gifts for Thanksgiving!).

This week has been super busy with not only getting ready for our own Halloween activities, but also prepping for Halloween class parties at the boys’ schools! This morning I helped out with Evan’s party and threw together this quick bandit costume. This would make a great last minute costume that you can pretty much throw together with things you already own!

Shirt (Uniqlo – similar) | Jeans | Boots | Gloves (similar) | Beanie | Similar Mask and Money Bag

Tomorrow is Cole’s class party and I volunteered to put the entire party together. For Cole’s party I pulled together some inspiration online and created a little board of ideas! I’m also planning a few activities and put together some simple little goodie bags for the kids to take home.

Cupcakes | Punch | Jello Brain (Mold) | Skeleton Meat & Cheese Platter

Goodie Bags | Similar Note Pads | Similar Pens | Similar Halloween PopsVampire Teeth | Glow Sticks

This year for Halloween we are going to be…Zombies! Cole decided last year that’s what he wanted to do this year, so we are making it happen for him. We did a trial run of our Halloween makeup looks this week so here’s a little sneak peek of our Zombie looks. (I plan on going a bit heavier with makeup for the big night but just wanted to get an idea of what I wanted.)

My makeup totally freaked the kids out so I think I accomplished my goal! And if you need a last minute costume for tomorrow, this is totally achievable.

What I used to create our Zombie look…

Foundation | Red, Taupe, Brown, & Black Eyeshadows | Liquid Latex | Gel Blood | Zombie Blood | Hairspray

For the makeup I applied foundation for a smooth base (& applied to lips as well) and then contoured our faces (where I would normally contour) and around our eyes with the eyeshadows starting with red and working my way up to black. For wounds on Cole I applied gel blood and added more in the center to make it darker and add dimension. On myself I created a large wound with layering liquid latex with pieces of tissue paper (there’s lots of tutorials online!), and then made it look more natural by applying foundation & shadow to the tissue. I tore open the center of the tissue & layered black gel eyeliner, gel blood, and zombie blood in and around the edge of the wound. Then I dribbled zombie blood all the way from the wound down my neck. The whole look is actually surprisingly simple and quick for a pretty big impact! I’m also going to tease and spray our hair to look pretty wild.

For our zombie clothes, I went to Goodwill and bought items in all neutral colors (browns, grays, blacks) and then I shredded them a bit with a serrated knife. To make them look dirty I filled a few spray bottles with fabric dye mixed with water (I did one green & one brown) and randomly sprayed & smeared on the clothes and then let them dry. (Make sure to wear gloves for this) Once dry I added random sprays and smears of fake blood.

Wishing you a safe and fun Halloween!


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