Tips For Choosing Outfits For Those Christmas Card Photos

With only 7 weeks until Christmas it’s time to start thinking about Christmas cards! If you haven’t already taken your family photos, I wanted to share a few of my tips for deciding what to wear to get your best photos!

Start With One Item and Coordinate Around It

Picking a color palette and deciding on outfits for everyone can feel overwhelming, so this is how I typically decide on my family’s outfits and color scheme. I usually start with my outfit (although occasionally I will see something just perfect for one of the boys and grab that first!) and then I select items that coordinate with it for everyone else. When we took this pic (years ago!) I had found this darling little romper for Ev and knew I wanted him to wear this for our photos – so I found items that all coordinated with it for the rest of us.

Go Neutral

When in doubt about making sure everything looks good together, stick with a simple, neutral color palette. Think beige, gray, brown, navy, olive green, blush, ivory…these colors all work well together and create a really soft and flattering look.

Coordinate But Don’t Completely Match

Remember when it was THE look for everyone to wear white shirts and jeans for their family photos? It’s safe to say that look is somewhat dated now. Instead go for outfits that coordinate but don’t go completely matchy matchy.

Avoid Really Bright Colors

While I do love color in photos and the right colored outfits can add some punch, it’s best to stay away from super bright colors. For one, this can create something called a “color cast” on your skin tone in photos and can cause a lot of extra editing for your photographer. And two, you ideally want the subjects themselves to be the focus of portraits, and the clothes should merely compliment. Instead of really bright reds, oranges, yellows…switch for softer burgundy, rust, and golden tones.

Keep Patterns Small

Just like with lots of color, some pattern can add interest and personality. Too much pattern (especially lots of large, loud prints) can quickly turn into an eyesore and distract from the subjects. I think one statement piece (like a floral dress) can add some punch to an image, but I would keep other patterns smaller and complementary to that print. Make sure you also add some solid pieces to ground the whole look.

Think About Your Background

Lastly, think about where you are going to be shooting your photos. If you are outside, you may want to think about avoiding a lot of green in your clothing as you may completely blend in! Also, while I’m not typically a huge fan of black for portraits, against a light background in a more formal setting it can really pop and look amazing.

Family Photo Outfit Ideas

XMasOutfits-1XMasOutfits-2OneTwoThree | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | NineTen | Eleven | Twelve


ChristmasOutfits-1.jpgChristmasOutfits-2One | TwoThree | FourFiveSixSevenEight | NineTenEleven


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