Our Thanksgiving Kids Table

This year we are hosting my husband’s family for Thanksgiving, and as my table only seats six, the kids are going to have to sit at their own table for Thanksgiving dinner. Since they don’t get to sit with everyone else, I really wanted their table to feel just as special as the grownup’s table.

In years past I’ve done coloring placemats for them, but this year I took it up a notch with an entire coloring tablecloth. I added a diy gratitude tree with some card stock leaves where we can all write down something we are grateful for, as well as added some other festive decor. These darling plates are melamine, which makes them completely kid friendly. I’m really excited to set their sweet little table for them on Thanksgiving, and I hope the kids love it as much as I do!

Coloring Tablecloth | Dinner Plates | Dessert Plates | Pumpkin & Gourd Decor | Napkins | Napkin Rings | Flatware | Milk Bottles | Straws | Similar pitcher | Mini Tin Pail | Faux Eucalyptus


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