Stocking Stuffers For The Kids

While I’m nearly done with my Christmas shopping, one thing I still need to get taken care of is stocking stuffers for the kids! I really try to make the goodies in their stockings more than an afterthought with some fun and creative gifts. There’s also always a few practical items for them (think warm socks, hats, gloves, chapstick) and I also always give them a treat or two (such as candy canes or hot cocoa mixes). And then I always try to fill the rest with things the kids love (like legos and small books) and then come up with some fun creative items to surprise them with. I also try to find some educational type things as well. Here’s a list of some things I’ve come across that I’m loving!


One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve | ThirteenFourteen | Fifteen | Sixteen | Seventeen | EighteenNineteen | TwentyTwenty One

One – My kids love any kind of STEM activity like this

Two – This hand controlled drone looks really cool

Three – This mini planetarium would be so neat for the science loving kid

Four – Every kid would love these invisible ink pens

Five – My little one has a harmonica and loves it

Six – This mini doodle kit is perfect for travel and on the go

Seven – My kids love bath bombs and these space themed ones that have a toy inside look so fun and are really affordable

Eight – Perfect for the young photographer, and really affordable

Nine – My kids were gifted walkie talkies last year and they were a hit

Ten – Instead of a basic flashlight, this moon torch looks really fun

Eleven –  Any little girl would love this sweet charm bracelet

Twelve – I love gifting my kids a practical hat & glove set

Thirteen – A fun take on the magic 8 ball

Fourteen – Would be a great into to Origami for the artistic kid

Fifteen – This highly reviewed math game is fun and educational

Sixteen – Perfect for the little explorer

Seventeen – We can never seem to find everything for the perfect snowman, so I think this would be a really great gift for my kids this year

Eighteen – Putting stars up in a bedroom are basically a right of passage

Nineteen – My kids love anything cozy this time of year, and fuzzy socks are always appreciated

Twenty – Karaoke would be such a fun family night

Twenty One – My older kiddo loves playing War, so this game would be a fun twist on it

I hope this helps you on your search for stocking stuffers! And if you missed it, here’s my 2019 Holiday Gift List post where I shared my picks for gifts for everyone on your list.


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