A Fun Indoor Play Idea For Winter Break

My kids absolutely love camping. They have the time of their lives when we go and they constantly talk about being so excited for summer to go camping again. A few weeks back on a day home from school, Evan started complaining about being bored and wanted to do something “special.” He found our camping lantern and was playing with it – and I had the idea to turn our living room into a campsite for the day! I set up his teepee with his nap mat, all of his stuffed animal friends, some dishes and cookware, and his lantern with flashlights – and he had the absolute best time playing camping! We even had a special camping dinner (hot dogs of course!). And when evening rolled around I also got out my s’mores maker and a star projector to make it feel like we were out under the stars. I turned on the fire so he could have a real campfire too. This turned into days of fun and will be a great way to keep my kiddos entertained during cold winter days!


This would also make a really fun Christmas gift! Here is everything you need to create a fun indoor campsite…


One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six

Teepee – This is a really great price for a classic striped teepee

Nap mat – This comes in a lot of print options, and would also be great for on the go with littles who still nap!

Lantern – Looks just like the grown-up version

Star projector – Having a room full of stars makes it feel almost like the real thing

Camp Accessory Set – This set has everything including a pretend campfire

Smores maker – We use our s’mores maker fairly often, and is fun for playdates or just a special treat


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