Wellness Items For Your Home

For week 4 of my wellness series, I thought I would share a few wellness item recommendations for your home! We actually own most of these items and they are all things that have some great health and wellness benefits.

WellnessHome-1WellnessHome-2OneTwo | Three | Four | FiveSixSeven | EightNineTenElevenTwelve

One :: We have a few oil diffusers around our house, and I especially love calming lavender oil

Two :: We have this air purifier and we leave it constantly running. It does a great job of purifying the air – even when we get fires in the area in the summer and the air is very smoky, it keeps our house smoke free inside

Three :: I cannot sleep without some kind of white noise, and this ensures I get a good night’s sleep

Four :: This massager is great for a sore back

Five :: Our cat likes to eat our plants, so unfortunately we can’t have live plants (I do bring home bouquets of flowers regularly but it’s not the same as potted plants!). Live plants really are just so wonderful though!

Six :: We have this scale, which also calculates body fat

Seven :: We’ve been fortunate to have a pretty mild winter thus far, but there are some winters where it gets brutally cold with weeks long inversions which makes it dark and gloomy. This lamp would be perfect for beating those winter blues.

Eight :: We recently bought weighted blankets for the whole family (even the kids!). They are great for anxiety reduction.

Nine :: We have a number of Himalayan salt lamps around our house and they are supposed to help with relaxation and mood. I like them as a nightlight as their soft light doesn’t disrupt sleep.

Ten :: This highly popular yoga mat is supposed to be really amazing

Eleven :: I’m a big believer in practicing gratitude daily, and this journal is a great way to get in the habit

Twelve :: I’ve read a number of self help/improvement books over the years, and this one remains my absolute favorite.Signature

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