Cole’s Movie Theater 10th Birthday Party

Last week Cole turned 10 which seems pretty surreal. It seems like just yesterday he was my little baby! It’s become clear in recent months he’s leaving childhood behind more and more, and adopting a lot more tween interests. Covid has been really hard for him because he’s definitely reaching the age where his peer interactions are becoming so important to him. We knew we could’t have the big party with all of his friends that he would normally love to have this year, but I still wanted to make sure that he felt special and celebrated. We allowed him to invite his 2 best friends over for a movie night and sleepover (their families have been being very careful about Covid as well so we’ve formed somewhat of a bubble with them). We converted our living room into a movie theater with our projector, and the boys showed up for an evening movie complete with movie theater treats followed by a movie and camping out in their sleeping bags. After a fun (sleepless!) night we sent them home with little popcorn boxes filled with microwavable popcorn, cracker jacks, suckers, and flashlights for their own movie night at home.

Movie Theater Party Decor Sources

Red curtains for backdrop (I used 3)

Gold foil for backdrop

Black tablecloth and skirt

Hot dog maker

Hot dog trays (similar)


Cake topper

Cake stand

Popcorn bin

Popcorn boxes (similar)

Birthday banner (similar)

Movie theater cutouts (similar)

Large popcorn bucket (used as vase)

Small popcorn containers (party favors)

Projector screen


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