Halloween At Home

Certainly nothing has been normal this year. Covid has been rough for everyone and it has been extra difficult for me to find any joy in light of Evan’s horrible brain injury he suffered in March. While he is making great progress every day, our lives have been changed drastically and it will be a long time before we will be able to return to any semblance of normal. Halloween and fall is always my favorite time of the year…but this year I’ve had a hard time finding the enthusiasm and energy to recreate our favorite traditions. This has been the first year in my life that I debated not even putting up the decorations. But I knew it was important for the boys, so last week I turned on a Halloween movie and got the decorations out. I know that it has brought a really important sense of normalcy and the comfort of knowing “life goes on” for Cole, and Evan has been so excited about the decorations. He’s constantly saying “it’s so spooky in here!” And I have to admit…it’s brought me a bit of unexpected joy too. We’ve spent several evenings cuddled up together as a family watching some of our favorite Halloween movies and forgetting (for a short time) all of the blows this year has dealt us.

Living Room Decor

Similar Gold Candlesticks | Black Candles | Bats | Mantle Scarf | Similar White Pumpkins | Similar Black Branch Wreaths | Similar Black Tree | Crows | Similar Velvet Pumpkins | Similar Skeleton Hand | Cobwebs | Skull Pillow

Entry Way Decor

Similar Candlesticks | Similar Spell Book Decoration | Creepy Cloth | Similar Velvet Pumpkin | Similar Skull | Similar Black Dahlia Flowers | Black Bats

Dining Room and Kitchen Decor

Similar Fall Leaf Vase Filler | Pumpkins | Similar Halloween Sign | Similar Wreath | Similar Pumpkin Dutch Oven | Similar Spiderweb Bowl | Similar Pumpkin Filler | Candle | Similar Countdown to Halloween Sign | Wooden Sign | Similar Candy Jar

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