Festive Thanksgiving Touches for the Kitchen

Just because large Thanksgiving gatherings may be a no-go this year, it doesn’t mean Thanksgiving is cancelled! I’m looking forward to celebrating with just my little family and will make sure that this year is still just as festive as always. I’m still going to cook our traditional Thanksgiving dinner and already have our house decorated with fall foliage and pumpkins. I’ve been on the hunt for some festive touches to add to the kitchen and our Thanksgiving table, and today wanted to share a few things I’ve come across.

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve

One | These pretty spatulas will make Thanksgiving baking a little more fun

Two | This wheat bouquet is a pretty minimalist option for a centerpiece or kitchen counter

Three | These dinner plates are so elegant

Four | These napkins could be used all fall long

Five | A gorgeous piece of cookware to cook your Thanksgiving side dishes in

Six | This pretty plate could used as a decorative touch or a serving dish

Seven | This cute apron and oven mitt set is under $13

Eight | This cute (and so affordable) little trinket dish would be so cute on the Thanksgiving table

Nine | Festive dish towels are a must have

Ten | Make your pies extra pretty this year

Eleven | Festive spreaders are such a fun touch

Twelve | Such a cute pie dish/cutter combo

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