Farewell Holiday Season! Storage Solutions For All Of Your Holiday Decor

This weekend I’ve been working on slowly putting away all of our Christmas decorations. It’s always such a big chore that it often takes me a few days to finish, but getting the house back in order really gives me the feeling of starting a fresh new year and I think we are all in need of that this year! A few years back I invested in a number of storage options for storing all of our holiday decorations, and it definitely makes the process of clean up a bit easier. Today I wanted to share some great storage options with you to help with your holiday cleanup.

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight

One | I have and love this box for storing all of our tree ornaments

Two | I bought a hanging gift wrap organizer a few years back and it’s amazing for storing all of my gift wrap, tissue, and bows.

Three | Large bins are essential

Four | A good system for storing Christmas lights and keeping them tangle free will save you hours of frustration

Five | A figurine box for storing all of those breakable Christmas figurines

Six | I have a wreath storage bag like this that also fits garlands as well

Seven | Get rid of that old box your tree came in and switch to a bag to store your tree

Eight | Perfect for storing odds and ends like seasonal blankets and pillows

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