The Prettiest Spring And Easter Dresses

Even though we will be staying home for another quarantine Easter this year, I really love the idea of dressing up and celebrating big. Last year at this time, my son Evan was in the pediatric intensive care unit fighting for his life. And while Easter has always been a special time of year, it now holds extra special significance for us. On Easter Sunday last year Evan had finally stabilized and improved after six weeks of intensive care, and was able to be transferred to the regular pediatric unit as he began his recovery. Spring is truly a time of hope, rebirth, and renewal. And Easter is a reminder of God’s never ending grace. He still performs miracles today.

I’ve been on the hunt for a few options for Easter dresses and settled on these two. I’ll probably wear the longer sleeve option as the spring weather here in Boise is still cool, but I love this other dress so much I’m keeping it as well. Today I wanted to share some of the prettiest spring and Easter dresses I’ve come across in my search.

Dress (also here) | Booties | Hat (Rag & Bone, old – similar)
Dress (sold out in this style – similar) | Shoes

Under $500…

Under $250…

Under $150…

Under $50…

One (use code FLASH) | Two | Three | Four

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