Best Of Beauty At The Nordstrom Spring Sale

Nordstrom is having a really great sale right now and including some of my favorite beauty/skincare products which rarely go on sale! I wanted to share some of my favorite items from the sale, and these are all products I use and love.

One | This is my all time favorite concealer and a staple in my makeup routine

Two | My favorite, go-to brow pencil

Three | I love this foundation for a full coverage look

Four | This light foundation gives my skin such a dewy appearance

Five | This is a must with all the hand sanitizing these days

Six | I recently bought a few colors of this lipstick in this formula and really like them

Seven | I’ve been using this finishing powder for years and it’s my favorite

Eight | I’ve tried so many night serums, but always come back to this one

Nine | One of my favorite mascaras

Ten | This is a really fantastic eye cream

Eleven | Another eye cream I really like, and always have a jar stashed in my skincare arsenal

Twelve | Another of my favorite mascaras

Thirteen | I’ve been using this setting spray for years and it’s a go-to for me

Fourteen | I recently bought this as I’m a fan of Estée Lauder foundation, and I really like it for daily wear

Fifteen | The best lip balm, I have a bunch of these in my purse

Sixteen | The best product for getting rid of pimples overnight

Seventeen | My favorite, go-to primer

Eighteen | This is such a great exfoliator and cleanser

Nineteen | I love to use a squirt on my face as a refresher during the day, and it can also work as a setting spray

Twenty | I recently got this moisturizer and I’m surprised by how much I love it. It does have kind of an odd smell, but it wears off quickly and isn’t too potent (and I’m very sensitive to scents). It works so well I can deal with the scent, and I’m going to buy another jar while on sale.

Twenty One | This is my very favorite eyeshadow palette

Twenty Two | My favorite new scent – I just recently started wearing this and it’s the only scent I wear now

Twenty Three | A jar of this affordable eye cream is always in my makeup arsenal

Twenty Four | I’m a fan of this sunscreen for daily wear

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