Spring Break in Sun Valley

Spring Break in Sun Valley

Sun Valley is one of our favorite places to visit, so we decided it would be a blast to spend part of the kids’ spring break there skiing and swimming! We arrived up there fairly early on Sunday (St. Patrick’s Day) and grabbed a quick lunch and did a bit of shopping. There is a toy store there that the kids absolutely love that we always visit, and I always love making a stop at Gold Mine Thrift Shop to check for treasures (they famously frequently have amazing designer donations!).

Coat // Sunglasses// Necklace // Bag // Bootsimg_2312

We spent the afternoon swimming in the heated outdoor pool!


Headed out to dinner! We stayed at the Limelight hotel and decided to just eat dinner there that first night as they have really good food and they also have live music. It was really festive for St. Patrick’s day, and we enjoyed just relaxing in the lobby listening to music while the kids played in the kids play area. We splurged on their truffle fries (which are amazing), and I also had a delicious arugula salad.

img_2334Sweater // Jeans // Shoes // Coat (Zara – similar) // Necklace // Bagimg_2307

Monday morning we let the kids play in the kids play room at the hotel for a bit before we headed off for a day of skiing. After skiing we swam again, and took an evening stroll around town.

Coat (Zara – similar) // Sweater // Jeans // Boots

On Tuesday we had yet another full day of skiing! The hubs and I ended up trading off watching Evan on the beginner hill, so we were each able to get some one on one time with Cole taking some more challenging runs.

My Jacket // Pants // Boots // Skis img_2443

On our last night we went to eat at our favorite restaurant in town – Pioneer Saloon! It just has the coolest ambience (make sure to look for Ernest Hemmingway’s gun!), and the food is so good. I had salmon and a “Jim Spud.”

We had so much fun on our little getaway, and I always really appreciate vacations with my family. Life can get so busy, chaotic, and stressful – so getting away and just focusing on one another & having fun is just so important! Many of my favorite memories are our family adventures, and even small trips like this are such a treat for us.

Since getting back home from our trip, I’ve been trying to keep the kids occupied for the remainder of their spring break and come up with some “staycation” activities and fun for them. I’m planning on writing a post about the second half of our spring break with some staycation activities we’ve done in the next few days if you are looking for some ideas!Signature

The Pumpkin Patch

The Pumpkin Patch

My Shirt // My Jeans // My Boots  —  Cole’s Shirt (Uniqlo, also similar here) // Cole’s Vest // Cole’s Jeans // Cole’s Shoes  —  Evan’s Shirt // Evan’s Vest // Evan’s Jeans // Evan’s Boots

Is it really fall until you’ve been to the pumpkin patch?! (It’s not!) This past weekend we finally made it out to our favorite local pumpkin patch, The Farmstead. We always have an absolute blast and it is something we look forward to doing every single year. It is a tradition to walk out into the field and we each pick our pumpkin that we will carve for Halloween! A friend of mine has a really cute rule, that has stuck and become ours as well…and that rule is that you must choose a pumpkin you can carry. If you can’t pick it up and carry it to the wagon, then you can’t choose that one! It makes it a little bit more fun, as the kids will spend some time looking for the biggest pumpkin they can possibly carry!

There is so much more to do at The Farmstead than just pick pumpkins and some of my kid’s favorite activities include; Rusty the dragon, the potato sack slide, the corn maze, the apple blaster, the “corn” box, the zipline, and barnyard ball! There are so many activities to do, it really does take a full day to get to everything. This year we decided to do something a little different and go during the evening so we could watch the fireworks, and the show was well worth it. And because one trip just isn’t enough, we’ve already purchased bounce back passes (The Farmstead offers discounted tickets for a return visit!) and plan to go again one more time before they close for the season!



Mountain Escape

Mountain Escape

One of the things I love so much about Idaho is how much there is to do! I feel like we have never-ending opportunities for fun activities that the whole family can enjoy. It’s one of the biggest reasons I wanted to move here! Living in Palm Desert definitely had some perks – proximity to the beach and big cities with San Diego and Los Angeles both a two hour drive away. The desert is absolutely a great vacation destination with golf, shopping, and resort pools – but I always found that family friendly activities for year round residents were a bit lacking. Plus it was so dang hot, it was hard to be outside for much of the year. And being cooped up inside with kids for months at a time…well you get the idea!

That said, winters in Boise can be a bit of a challenge. It does get cold here & as we are in a valley surrounded by mountains we get inversions from time to time. Where not only does it get bitterly cold, but it gets really dreary. Fortunately, all it takes is a quick drive up to the mountains to enjoy the clear sky & warmer temperatures! Since we don’t have enough snow yet for skiing, this past weekend we headed 30 miles up the road to Idaho City to go to our favorite daytime retreat – The Springs.

Fun bit of trivia – Idaho City used to be the largest city in the Pacific Northwest during the gold rush of the 1800s. Now its a quaint little old-west town that has maintained its historic charm. The Springs is a natural hot springs retreat with a pool, hot tub, sauna, and small private pools. They have a little cafe and also offer massages! They limit the number of guests daily which keeps it a relaxing experience. We try to get up here at least once a month for a fun family swim that can be enjoyed year round!

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