Fall At The Farmstead

Fall At The Farmstead

My Sweater (J Crew, old – similar) // Jacket // Scarf // Jeans // Boots  —  Cole’s Shirt // Jeans // Shoes (similar)  —  Evan’s Shirt // Jeans // Shoes

One of our favorite annual fall traditions is to spend an afternoon at the pumpkin patch. Our favorite place to go here in the Boise area is The Farmstead – and we were doubly excited to go this year to check out their new location that they just moved to this year. While the location is new, most of our favorite activities at the Farmstead have remained the same. There is nothing like spending a crisp fall day on the farm drinking hot cider and cocoa, shooting apples, sliding down the potato sack slide, getting lost in the corn maze, going for tractor rides, and of course picking out our pumpkins.



The Best Places To View Fall Leaves In Boise

The Best Places To View Fall Leaves In Boise

There is just nothing quite like fall, and every year we always try to soak it up as much as possible with walks in the park to see and play in the leaves. And as peak fall foliage time is here, I thought it would be fun to share my favorite places in Boise for viewing fall leaves (and taking those obligatory fall pictures too!). If you want to find the estimated time for peak foliage where you are, this map is super helpful!

Kathryn Albertson Park

Of all the places in Boise to take in the fall leaves, this one tops the list. This is (in my opinion) the most beautiful park in Boise and it is absolutely stunning in the fall.


Barber Park

This is a lovely rustic park that is right next to the Boise river. There are lots of yellow leaves and tall yellow grasses which gives it a beautiful golden fall feel.


South Surprise Way

This 2 mile road is an incredibly beautiful place to take a short drive and view the leaves. While the whole road is gorgeous, there is a stretch of road where the entire roadway is lined on both sides by towering trees with bright red leaves.


Idaho Botanical Garden

Not only can you look at the changing fall leaves here, you can also enjoy the blooming fall flowers!

img_6765-1My Sweater // Jeans // Boots // Bag // Sunglasses  —  Cole’s Tee // Jeans // Shoes  —  Evan’s Tee (Gymboree – old, similar) // Jeans // Shoes


MK Nature Center

This sweet little nature center just off the greenbelt near downtown, is a great place to view some beautiful fall foliage and wildlife.

My Sweater // Jeans // Jacket // Bag // Sunglasses // Boots  —  Cole’s Tee // Vest  —  Evan’s Tee // Jeans // Shoes


Table Rock or the Boise Train Depot

Take in a bird’s eye view of the city and view all of the leaves from above. If you time it right you can also get a glimpse of snow in the mountains!


Life Lately

Life Lately

My Sweater // Jeans // Booties // Bag // Sunglasses — Cole’s Tee // Jeans // Shoes — Evan’s Tee (Gymboree, old – similar) // Jeans // Shoes

Fall is officially here and I’ve made it my mission to check off all of our fall bucket list activities! In between our typical routine of school, extracurriculars and lots and lots of birthday parties, we we’ve finally been able to start having some fall fun. Last weekend Cole went to another friend’s birthday party, but after we were able to squeeze in one of our favorite fall activities – the fall festival at the Idaho Botanical Garden. This is such a fun annual event with live music, food trucks, and fun crafts/activities for the kids.

This past week was bitterly cold here in Boise! We had record low temperatures and woke up to 20 degree temps a few mornings. It has definitely served as a reminder to us to get outside and enjoy the mild temps while it lasts, because those colder temps will be here to stay awhile before long! We’ve taken several walks and bike rides to the park to play in the leaves.

My Sweater (Nordstrom, old – similar here and here) // Jeans // Boots (Sperry, old – similar) // Sunglasses // Bag  —  Evan’s Tee (similar) // Joggers // Shoes

Evan also attended a sweet little birthday party for one of his school friends at the Nature Center. They had a scavenger hunt and it was so cute! Cole ended up tagging along and even had fun participating in the hunt. The nature center is one of my favorite places to visit in the fall too.

My Sweater // Jeans // Boots // Jacket // Bag // Sunglasses — Cole’s Vest // Shirt // Jeans — Evan’s Shirt // Jeans // Shoes

One of my fall bucket list activities this year was to actually attend a football game – we never miss our Boise State Broncos on TV but haven’t been to watch them in a few years. This past weekend we went to watch them take on Hawaii at our homecoming game! It was not only a great game (and win!) but it was a record attendance crowd just shy of 37,000 people which made it even more fun. I bought this bright orange, balloon sleeve sweater specifically for the game – but it will actually be cute to wear for upcoming Halloween festivities too!

My Sweater // Jeans // Boots (Marc Fisher, old – similar) // Coat // Lipstick (Lady Danger) — Cole’s Jacket // Beanie

The game ran super late and we didn’t even get home until after midnight, and we are all still pretty tired today. We have no school this coming Friday and we are all looking so forward to this upcoming 3 day weekend! Hope you are having a great Monday!Signature

Life Lately

It’s been awhile but I’m finally back with a life lately post! Here’s what we’ve been up to the past several weeks…

Evan started soccer again! I think he has more fun running around and chatting with his friends (he has a few preschool friends who play!) than he does playing soccer…but he’s having fun and it’s pretty dang cute.

We had a neighborhood block party which was a lot of fun and it was nice getting to know our neighbors a little better! The kids made a few new friends and we got to enjoy some great food and play some fun games. (Evan refused to take his shin guards off because he wanted everyone at the party to know he plays soccer).

Cole’s school celebrated kindness week a few weeks back and they had a ton of great activities all week long! Cole was selected as a school kindness ambassador and he also participated in the after school bike rodeo! I volunteered at school one day to take a group of kids (including Cole!) around the neighborhood dropping off kindness notes to random houses. It was a lot of fun and I am so happy that Cole gets to attend a school that is such a positive environment and puts such emphasis on kindness and inclusivity.

I wore this cute poplin top for my day of volunteering that is on major sale. Comes in two colors.

Top // Jeans // Bag // Sneakers

Cole also ran in his school’s color run fundraiser! And after picking him up from the run we had to get a pic at one of the school’s many student kindness artworks that are all around the school.

“Every time you extend kindness to another you spread your wings”

Our leaves are finally changing here and I’m absolutely loving it! Its even inspiring me to start making some fall foods and the other night I made this slow cooker butternut squash soup that I’ve been making for years. Its the perfect, simple comfort food that is super quick to throw together for a chilly weeknight or lazy Sunday. I love to top it with a splash of cream or coconut milk and some pumpkin seeds.

Butternut Squash Soup Recipe

I finally got around to getting some dining room lighting installed. I had originally wanted one large chandelier but I had a few concerns about that. One – it was going to be a significantly bigger project as we didn’t already have wiring in that spot so we would have to cut dry wall and add electrical. Two – we have a large piece of art behind our table and putting one large light fixture there would obstruct it. So I decided to go with two pendants as we already had recessed lights there and it would be a much easier project. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! And as you can see I have begun my Halloween decorating too.

Lights // Side chairs // End chairs // Candle sticks // Orange pillows

Up until a few days ago the weather was still in the 70s in Boise so I was able to wear this Reformation dress I snagged on sale before putting it away until next summer. (Evan wasn’t in the mood for a pic and his side eye is cracking me up!)

Dress // Shoes // Bag   —   Evan’s tee // jeans

I recently bought this Vitamin C, E, and Ferulic Acid serum which is a dupe for this pricey Skinceuticals one. While I’m not opposed to splurging on quality skincare products, vitamin C is not shelf stable for very long so I just don’t see the point in buying expensive vitamin C as it’s likely I wouldn’t even get close to finishing the bottle before it oxidizes. I’m always looking for good dupes and I used to use one that was incredible, but they’ve recently changed their formulation. However this one seems promising with the same concentration of active ingredients as it’s pricier counterpart and has lots of great reviews. I’ll have to use it a few more weeks to see how it is and report back! (I always keep my Vitamin C in the fridge to make it last as long as possible!)

img_6419.jpgVitamin C Serum

This past weekend we went from summer to winter literally overnight! It got down really close to freezing and was cold and rainy (our mountains even got snow!). Cole was off having fun with friends going to multiple birthday parties over the weekend (with dad being his shuttle driver!), so Ev and I went to his Taekwondo studio’s block party and out for a mommy son coffee date.

My coat (Topshop, old – similar) // Sweater // Jeans // Boots // Bag // Sunglasses  —  Evan’s Raincoat // Boots (Target, old – similar)

Yesterday Evan had his school pictures! He picked out his new shirt for pics and was pretty excited about it! These flannels are my absolute favorite for the kids – Cole has had several that we’ve passed down to Evan. They really hold up, and are so cozy and warm. I need to grab a new one for Cole for this fall.

Shirt // Jeans // Shoes // Coat (Gap, old – similar)

We stopped by this gorgeous tree for a quick snap yesterday! (Within a week or so this whole row of trees will turn this color!) October really is such an incredibly beautiful month here in Boise.

Sweater // Jeans // Boots (Sam Edelman, old – similar) // Hat (Rag & Bone, old – similar) // Bag (similar)Signature

Life Lately

It has been awhile since I’ve blogged! After returning from our trip to Wyoming school started and life has been CRAZY. The first few weeks of school are always chaotic trying to get into our routine and adjust to all of the extra commitments that we have. I always say we aren’t going to join every club and volunteer for every committee…but like a crazy woman I always end up doing it anyway. (Say hello to room mom, party planner, reading volunteer, art auction committee member, soccer mom…) Yes I’m insane – but I do love getting to be so involved with my kids’ schools and activities.

The kids’ first few weeks of school have actually been going great for them. They are off to a great start and really enjoying their school year so far.

Cole’s shirt // shorts // shoesI love Cole’s first week of school musings (#futurephilosopher)

Evan’s shirt // shorts // shoes

Mom and dad also had our first day back to school with back to school nights for each of the kids’ schools. I wore this outfit to Cole’s and this cute top is such a steal. It reminds me of this Reformation top for a fraction of the price.

Top // Skirt (H&M – old, similar) // Sandals // Bag // Earrings

We’ve also been squeezing in some time for fun! One of my favorite annual Boise events is the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic which was a Labor Day weekend. This year the kids even got to go for a tethered balloon ride!

We also celebrated one of our dear family friend’s kids birthdays! They had the cutest little under the sea theme pool party.

I have some organizing projects I’m trying to get finished with the kids back to school – and one big one I finally finished was my entry way closet (it was becoming a “Monica closet” situation). I had all of the kid’s school art and memorabilia crammed in there and I have been meaning to organize it into boxes for each of them…and I finally got around to it (it’s only taken a few years). These boxes are great for storage!


I’m also starting to work on 2 of our biggest projects this time of year…Cole’s birthday and Halloween! Cole’s birthday is coming up very soon and I’m really excited about his theme and what we have planned this year. I think it will be a lot of fun! We have also started looking at Halloween costumes and getting ideas of what they will be this year. It’s one of our favorite holidays and we love doing a family theme, so it’s never too soon for us to start planning! We had lots of fun at the Halloween store recently getting some inspiration.

No we aren’t doing these – but these masks were hysterical!

Evan has been wanting to be like his big brother and do Taekwondo for ages, and he’s finally old enough. He just started a few weeks ago and it is the cutest thing ever. The beaming on his face the first time he put on his uniform was priceless.


Life Lately

Wow…we are really in the home stretch and coming to the end of summer. We only have 2 weeks left, and with those weeks filled with camps and activities it is going to fly by. On one hand I’m ready to get back to our routine and structure. On the other…at the risk of sounding like one of those annoying moms…I’m not ready for the fun with the kids to be over. I’m always reminded of the fact that you only get 18 summers with your kids, and this one just flew by way too quickly. I’m so grateful for all the fun and memories we’ve made, which I have to constantly remind myself of when I start longing for time to slow down.

We’ve been trying to cram in as much time at the waterpark as we can and have gone several times.

If you’ve not tried Marysia swimwear – I highly recommend it! Nobody nails the scallop swimsuit like they do, and the fabric is so pretty (it’s more like a knit vs a traditional swimsuit) that it can easily double as a body suit as well. One thing to note – when the suit is dry it does tend to not stay in place well and things can get a bit…cheeky. But once wet it sticks to your body and stays in place.

Swimsuit (also here and version without laces here) // Sarong // Sunglasses // Hat

As I wrote about in another post, we went to see Witness for the Prosecution at the Shakespeare Festival. I wore this shirt dress that is such an incredible buy at under $50.

Dress // Sandals // Bag

Evan went to one last summer camp this past week! He went to space camp and he learned so much and he’s been so excited sharing what he’s learned with us. The kids wear swimsuits to camp because they also get to spend lots of time outside playing in water and his teacher sent me the cutest pictures of him lounging and drying off with his favorite stuffed pet Jingle. Can’t even handle the cuteness.

We took an afternoon and went to do our back to school supply shopping! I love making this a fun day with the kids every year by going shopping and then going out to eat or for ice cream after. Cole loves getting to take his list and run around picking out all of his own supplies, and even though it is a reminder that summer is almost over, it has become a day my kids really look forward to.

I wore this cute little puff sleeve top that is under $20 and comes in tons of color options.

Top // Shorts // Bag

We finally went to go see The Lion King over the weekend. It has been one of Cole’s favorite movies for years, and he and I even went to see the Broadway show when they were touring and came to Boise last year. I wore this tie waist white tee that is on sale – I love a white tee with a little extra detail.

Tee // Jeans // Sandals // Sunglasses// Bag

Cole is going to robotics camp this week which I think will be a lot of fun for him – plus it has the added bonus of forcing us back on a schedule pretty close to our school schedule. It was a little tough getting everyone up and out the door on time this morning, so fingers crossed we get adjusted quickly!

Have a great Monday!

Summer Date Night At The Idaho Shakespeare Festival

Summer Date Night At The Idaho Shakespeare Festival

One of my very favorite summer activities in Boise is the Shakespeare Festival. It is a summer long festival held in an outdoor amphitheater that runs nightly plays. Of course there is always a Shakespeare option or two, but there are always several other plays running over the summer as well. On Thursday night we went to see Witness For The Prosecution. (It was SO good!)

Beyond just getting to see a great show, the whole experience is so fun. Sitting under the stars and having a picnic next to the river…really just makes for a perfect summer night activity. You can purchase a picnic meal at the venue, but we opted to bring our own. (Yes you can even bring wine if you so desire!) We were late getting tickets (shows sell out early!) so all that were left were hillside seats which we were a little worried about. It turns out that the cheapest seats in the house are our new favorites! While sitting in lawn seating (where we typically sit) is nice because you are so close to the stage, you can feel a little cramped and there isn’t much room for your food. Sitting on the hillside area we were able to spread out a bit more and have plenty of room to stretch our legs.

Picnic basket

We packed a mix of some of our favorite snacks – lots of yummy cheeses, salami, candied pecans, chips and guacamole, sushi, and an asparagus/artichoke salad.

I wore this linen shirt dress that is under $50! It is so chic and expensive looking and can easily be dressed up or down.

Dress // Sandals // Bag

We always have so much fun when we go that we’ve decided we need to make it a point to go more often! Julius Caesar is playing in August and we are thinking it is another must see. And maybe season tickets need to be in order next year!

Have a great weekend!


Life Lately

Life Lately

(Summer day on the Boise river)

This probably wasn’t one of my better ideas, but I signed Cole up for summer camp last week. It wasn’t that the camp that wasn’t fun (he attended a really neat STEM camp and had a blast!), it was scheduling it for the week after the 4th of July weekend. After a fun filled holiday weekend with some super late nights, it was ROUGH getting up and out the door early. We are all still feeling pretty tired, but it did make us start going to bed at a more reasonable hour. Evan is going to camp this week, which has been a bit easier on us now that we’ve had some time to adjust.

(No I didn’t plan to dress them alike – and we were all laughing at them being dressed like twins when we picked Cole up from camp the other day!)

Cole’s shirt/shorts  —  Evan’s shirt/shorts/sandals (sold out, similar)

Aside from camp, we also took our first few floats down the Boise river this summer! Some friends of ours who moved to Australia were in town for a few weeks and we were able to get together to catch up and go for a float with them a few days ago. Floating the river is a Boise tradition and is a must do every summer. The kids always have a blast and it was even more fun for them with getting to spend some time with friends.

My swimsuit (J Crew, old – similar) // Cole’s suit // Evan’s suit

We’ve continued to bike quite a bit and have been going for longer evening rides. Although he loves riding on it, Evan gets pretty uncomfortable going longer distances on the co-pilot bike trailer – so we got him a bike cart he can ride in for longer rides. I wasn’t looking to spend a whole lot as I’m sure it won’t be too long before he’s riding his own bike, and I found this one at a great price! So far we’ve been really happy with it.

Bike Trailer

I’ve been working on a few house projects that I’ve been majorly procrastinating on for months. I’m not sure what it is about summer (maybe it is that we are home more) but I start feeling motivated to decorate and organize. One project I’ve finally gotten around to (after planning to get to it for the past year) was updating my desk area and adding a gallery wall. I’m not quite completely finished with the space, but here’s a peek at the completed gallery!

Gallery frames

We also added a loveseat to our living room! We have a large sectional in our bonus room/kids play room – but it seems we always end up gravitating more towards the living room and I decided it was time to add some more seating. I had been eyeing this one from West Elm – but after reading a lot of great reviews about Amazon’s in-house furniture lines Rivet and Stone & Beam, I decided to give Amazon a shot as the price was pretty dang impressive. And I have to say the quality really surprised me! The loveseat easily looks and feels like a much more expensive piece – and it is super comfortable too.

Loveseat // Fiddle Leaf Tree // Similar basket // Pillows (1,2) // Throw blanket (HomeGoods, similar) // Rug (Pottery Barn, old – similar)

I survived shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and Amazon Prime Day! Nordstrom was…interesting this year. It’s still a bit of a mystery as to what I will actually receive as several things in my order were canceled and a number of things still haven’t shipped (that are all sold out). Prime day was a much better experience and I’m happy I was able to get a head start on Christmas shopping! I bought each of the boys a new Osmo game as Amazon was having amazing deals on Osmo products during the sale (I got Detective Agency for Cole and Hot Wheels for Evan). I’m really liking this move that retailers are making to start offering deep discounts months before the holidays as I tend to procrastinate my Christmas shopping most years. (I would love to be one of those people who is done months in advance!) This week has been kind of fun with so many retailers having these Christmas in July specials along with Hallmark having their annual Christmas in July movies.

Hope you are having a great week!


Red Chair Lavender Festival

Red Chair Lavender Festival

Dress (Old Navy – sold out, similar options here & here) // Earrings // Sandals  —  Cole’s tee/shorts/sandals  —  Evan’s tee (similar)/shorts/sandals (sold out, similar here and here)

We are really fortunate to live in a place where it seems there is always something going on. And I really love experiencing of all of our local activities, businesses, and foods – so when I starting hearing about this local lavender festival, it sounded right up my alley. I’ve seen this festival floating around social media, and even heard a bit about it from a friend who attended last year, and thought it sounded like a really fun afternoon for the family. When I lived in Palm Springs I used to go to this little cafe that had the absolute best lavender lemonade, and I was pretty sold hearing this festival had not only lavender lemonade, but tons of lavender infused dishes and ice cream. There was also some great live music, a classic car display, demonstrations (they were making lavender oil right on site!), and various classes (like wreath making). They also had U-pick lavender and face painting for the kids! We had a great time strolling the fields (as you can imagine it smelled amazing), sampling all of the lavender foods, and browsing the vendors. We brought home some great lavender goodies, and as I type this, I’m smelling the lavender oil we bought diffusing in our house! And for anyone who missed the festival or doesn’t live locally – you can order all of their amazing lavender goodness online (I’m already thinking of Christmas gifts).

All of this lavender goodness has me inspired to put our own lavender plants at home to use and bake something yummy this week! What’s your favorite way to use lavender?


Life Lately

Sweet summer days are officially here in Boise. Days full of swimming, bike riding, ice cream, and staying up way too late. I’m a routine person and being so off of our normal schedule admittedly gives me a bit of anxiety. However I know that getting back to “real life” with our structured routine will be back before we know it, so in the meantime I’m determined to soak up these days and embrace a fun and sugar filled summer.

Our neighborhood threw a block party last weekend, and it was a lot of fun playing games and getting to know some of our neighbors we hadn’t met yet! There were games, food, and even an ice cream truck – which of course the kids thought was so cool.

Cole’s shirt/shorts/sandals  —  Evan’s shirt/shorts/sandals

My shirt/shorts/sandals/earrings (J Crew, old – similar)

And because one ice cream isn’t enough…after the party we biked down to our favorite ice cream shop – The Stil! I even tried one of their “boozy ice creams” (a strawberry rośe) which was delicious.

We went to the waterpark again this week and spent an entire day there. I bought this swimsuit last summer and it’s still a favorite! It comes in several colors and several styles as well. And it’s on pretty major sale right now!

My suit/similar beach skirt/hat

Cole’s swimsuit  —  Evan’s swimsuit

The kids have been wanting to live on their bikes, so we’ve been taking tons of rides. We even came across some deer grazing the other night just right off the trail!

We had a great 4th of July! We went downtown for the annual Liberty Day Parade in the morning, had a BBQ at home in the afternoon, and spent the evening picnicking in the park watching the big firework show.


Dress // Flip Flops  —  Cole’s shirt/shorts/sandals  —  Evan’s shirt/shorts/sandals


Have a great weekend!