Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is just one week away and today I wanted to share a few fun gift ideas to spoil the mom in your life (or if you are a mom perhaps spoil yourself…you deserve it!)

One | A darling necklace for any mom

Two | Because we all know that a mom never has time to finish her coffee while it’s hot

Three | You can never have enough candles and this is always a no fail gift

Four | My kids are constantly fighting me for this blanket, so it’s safe to say that a mom needs one of her own

Five | (and I got a robe!) This is a robe that is actually worth gifting. I have a few of these robes and they are the absolute best

Six | Pamper mom with some nice slippers

Seven | These are such cute sandals for summer

Eight | For the mom who loves to cook

Nine | My family gifted me a Le Creuset dutch oven last year, and it’s one of my favorite gifts I’ve received

Ten | This is the best espresso maker, I couldn’t live without mine

Eleven | Such a fun little summer beauty set to treat mom with

Twelve | So sentimental and sure to be cherished

Thirteen | Because a mom can never have enough pictures of her kids

Fourteen | Treat the fitness minded mom to a new gym bag

Fifteen | A pretty and high quality mat for the yoga loving mom

Everything You Need To Have Your Own Easter Egg Hunt At Home

Unfortunately we are headed into our second quarantine Easter which means that community egg hunts are out again this year. Fortunately my kids have always absolutely loved having our own egg hunt at home which we have done every year in addition to a community hunt. And surprisingly they in fact prefer our annual egg hunt that is just us over a huge, crowded egg hunt with hundreds of kids. Whether it is just your immediate family, or a small gathering with a safe bubble of friends and family, you can still have a memorable and fun egg hunt that your kids are sure to love.



One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine


One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six

Wishing you a wonderful Easter!

What’s In My Kids’ Easter Baskets

Easter is just over a week away, and if you are still needing to fill your kids’ Easter baskets, today I wanted to share what each of my boys are getting this year. To help keep shopping simple, I tend to stick to a theme of activities that get the kids outdoors, some art projects, books, and pajamas.


One | Giant bubbles are always so fun for kids and a great way to get them outside

Two | This combines an art project with getting the kids outside and working in the garden

Three | Cole had a tie dye day at school one year ago that was an absolute blast for him. I was thinking this would be a really fun activity we can do outside on a warm day.

Four | It can be hard to find books that he really loves, and I recently bought Cole the first book in this series after hearing these books are hugely popular with tween boys. He absolutely loves it so he’ll be getting a few more books from the series.

Five | When we go for bike rides we often throw a frisbee in the bike cart so we can stop for some games in the park. They always seem to end up going missing, so I wanted to make sure he has one and this one seems to be a big step above your basic frisbee.

Six | I love the idea of having the kids paint these cute little wooden Easter figures which we can put on our Easter table for years to come

Seven | Another fun park game option

Eight | This fun glider comes in a two pack, so you could split them up for multiple kids

Nine | I always love giving my kids something to plant in our garden each year as one of their Easter basket gifts

Ten | Sunny days are upon us and you can never have too many sunglasses

Eleven | I shared some of my favorite spring pajamas for kids in a recent post, but for my tween boy I definitely have to find that balance of things that I think are cute and things he will actually like. He’s really into video games so I felt that these gamer pajamas in a cheerful color are a good compromise.

Twelve | A chocolate bunny is a must, and they always get one in their basket

Thirteen | Another pajama compromise. My kiddo is obsessed with Fortnite (fellow tween parents I’m sure you feel my pain!) and I like that these are a fun spring color and don’t scream “video game themed.”

Fourteen | Evan received a really cute kids gardening set last year for Easter (similar to this) so we really don’t need more gardening tools. However Cole did need some gardening gloves so I’m tossing a pair in his basket.


One | I got both kids a stepping stone so they can each decorate their own and put in our garden area

Two | Another gift I got for both kids so they can each make their own Easter decorations

Three | Chocolate is a must

Four | Sidewalk chalk is a great outdoor activity and I love to gift egg shaped chalk in Easter baskets

Five | Bubble guns are always a hit and I know he’s going to go crazy for this shark one

Six | An Easter themed cup is fun for younger kids and you could include a favorite beverage too

Seven | I love that this car is designed for outdoor use and exploring with it’s built in magnifying glass

Eight | These farm themed hand puppets will be great for imaginative play and storytelling

Nine | A bug catching kit is always a great way to get kids outside and exploring

Ten | Last year Evan got a Minecraft sheep which he loves, so this year he’s getting a Minecraft pig. It’s a cute way to do a traditional stuffed animal for the little Minecraft lover.

Eleven | I got Evan a little flower growing kit so he can grow something for our garden this spring

Twelve | Hot Wheels make a great basket filler for any little boy

Thirteen | I knew that Evan would want video game pajamas to be like big brother, so I found him these cheery Minecraft ones

Fourteen | Evan loves the Llama Llama books so I’m sure he’ll enjoy this Easter version

Fifteen | I grabbed this little palm pet on a whim so I’m not sure if it will be a hit or not but it sure looks cute as a little basket filler

Sixteen | Slime is always fun for any kid

Seventeen | We have 2 other books from this series and they are so silly and fun for kids. I’m excited to give Evan the Easter version

Eighteen | These eggs are decorated by chalk and will be a cute decoration he can make year after year

An Activity A Day – 7 Activities To Keep Your Kids Busy During Spring Break

This week is spring break (boy has this year flown by) and I’m in a bit of scramble mode coming up with some ideas for our spring break staycation. Most years we would go skiing in Sun Valley, but due to Covid and Evan’s ongoing recovery we will be staying home. I wanted to come up with a few ideas to keep the kids engaged for a bit each day so we don’t get sucked in to a week of endless screen time, and have put together a list of daily activities. If you are looking for ideas for your own spring break staycation, I hope you find this post helpful!

Feed The Birds

In this post I made a few months back, I shared this simple bird feeder activity to do with the kids. The birds have finished off what we made for them, so it’s time to make some new feeders and thought it would also be fun to perhaps assemble a little birdhouse too.

Take a Hike

A few years back we spent the majority of our spring break at home, and to keep the kids busy we did several nature walks and easy hikes. This hike pictured was taken on the Oregon Trail which is just down the street from us. Cole studied the Oregon Trail this year in school so he’s got a renewed interest in it, and we are going to take this hike again over spring break as we haven’t done it in a few years. It’s got lots of educational markers posted along the trail and it’s pretty neat & very educational! Even just a simple nature walk is always fun for kids, and you can make it more engaging by adding in a scavenger hunt.

Pretend Camping

It is way too cold here in Idaho for real camping right now, but why not set up a campsite indoors?! My kids get a kick out of this activity and it can be made to feel as realistic as possible with indoor s’mores, campfire stories, and sleeping in a sleeping bag under the “stars.” You can read more about this in a previous post here.

Cook Something Together

My kids always have fun getting in the kitchen so every so often I’ll try to get the kids involved with making something. This past summer we made homemade ice cream which was a ton of fun (you can see my post here), but the options are endless. You could have them make personal pizzas, teach them how to make one of their favorite meals, or even give them a cookbook they can browse and choose something they want to make.

Do An Art Project

A few years ago I found this super cool cardboard rocket ship that the kids got to decorate and then play with. You could literally let kids decorate some old boxes and make them into a fort which would be just as fun, but a kit like this makes for extra convenience. You could also have the kids paint rocks, garden stones, or get a head start on creating a gift for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

Photography Contest

Photography is one of my favorite hobbies and I think it would be so fun to teach my kids a few of the basics and see the world through their eyes. Give them a camera for a day and see what they come up with!

A Day Of Giving

This past year has been a tough year for everyone. Many people have lost loved ones due to the pandemic. Many have lost their jobs and are struggling financially. Having spent the past year dealing with a child having a life threatening medical emergency and a difficult subsequent recovery…I know these times are not easy. Donating food to a local food bank, donating toys to a children’s hospital, or even just doing a random act of kindness is a wonderful way to make the world a little brighter and teach your kids about giving back.

Shop the post…

The Cutest Spring Pajamas For Kids

I’m a sucker for cute pajamas for my kids and I especially love themed holiday and seasonal pajamas. My kids really love pajamas too which also makes them a great gift option (my kids pretty much always get a set of pjs as one of their holiday or birthday gifts). I’m looking to grab the kids each a set or two of pajamas for their Easter baskets, and today I wanted to round up some of the cutest options I’ve seen.

Three Ways to Make St Patrick’s Day Fun For Your Kids

St Patrick’s Day is often seen as a party holiday for adults, but having grown up in a small Irish Catholic community, I’ve always seen St Patrick’s Day as a family holiday. Our community always had a huge celebration that included a parade, sheepdog trials, lots of traditional Irish food and dance, and of course fun activities for the kids. I have my own Irish ancestry as my grandmother descended from Irish immigrants, and I love sharing this holiday with my kids so they can learn a bit about their heritage as well. We’ve developed some traditions over the years in how we mark the day, and today I wanted to share my three favorite tips for making this a fun holiday for kids.

Wear Something Festive

It is tradition to wear green on St Patrick’s Day so you don’t get pinched, so have some fun with this and wear something festive. This year our family got matching Shamrock pajamas which are so fun!

Make A Leprechaun Trap

One of our favorite traditions is building a leprechaun trap. I go to the craft store and buy a ton of different items to use to decorate our trap and then let the kids get creative making a trap out of an old box. This one from a two years ago is one of my favorites that the kids ever came up with. They made a cute rope ladder and decorated the box with moss, rocks, shamrock stickers, and had a little pot of gold coins to lure their leprechaun. The kids always excitedly race downstairs St Patrick’s Day morning to check their trap to see if they’ve caught one, and while they haven’t succeeded, they do always find a clue left behind for a treasure hunt. Pinterest has tons of free printable options to make a St Patrick’s Day treasure hunt, and our treasure hunt always leads to a pot of gold chocolate coins and a few little trinkets (like tattoos, socks, stickers).

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten

Cook Something Fun

My kids’ favorite St Patrick’s Day treat is green pancakes and milk, and I love making this for the kids for breakfast each year. Adding a cute activity placemat makes the meal feel a bit more special too. One year we made shamrock shaped sugar cookies and decorated them with edible gold sprinkles, and this year I think we will make Lucky Charms Bars (think Rice Krispie Treats but with Lucky Charms instead). Every St Patrick’s Day I make a traditional Cottage Pie for dinner, and I would love to have the kids help me make a traditional Irish Soda Bread this year too. Adding a few decorations and festive touches make the meal a little more fun too.

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten

I hope this gives you some ideas for a fun St Patrick’s Day!

Valentines Books To Read With Your Little Sweetheart

Evan’s Sweater (J Crew – similar) | Evan’s Pants (H&M – similar) | My Sweater (Nordstrom, old – similar) | My Jeans | Book

One of my favorite Valentine’s Day traditions with my kids is gifting them a small gift basket while we have a special family dinner. Some of the gifts I typically give in their basket are things like candies, favorite snacks, a tee shirt or pajamas, small toys or games, and almost always – a book or two. Books truly are the best gift for any occasion, and I especially love giving my kids holiday themed books for each holiday. Evan will definitely be getting a Valentine’s book in his little gift basket, and today I wanted to share some Valentine’s themed books to share with your littlest sweethearts.

Mommy And Me Valentines Pajamas

In spite of the pandemic, our Valentine’s Day won’t look much different than it usually does. After nearly 13 years of marriage and two kids, I have to admit I’m past the point of celebrating a “romantic” Valentine’s Day. The holiday has become a family affair over the years and we typically celebrate with a few small gifts and a family dinner. Valentine’s Day lands on a Sunday this year, so I foresee a lazy day in our jammies watching Disney movies and having some sweet treats! Today I wanted to round up some cute Valentine’s Day pajamas for you and your little valentines to cozy up in together.


One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine


One | Two | Three | Four | Five (matching mom set available too!)| Six | Seven | Eight

Evan’s Hulk Themed 6th Birthday Celebration

On Wednesday (01/20/21) my little sweetheart turned 6 years old. Thanks to Covid we had a family only celebration, but we still went big on decorations and fun to make it feel special for him. I stayed up super late the night before setting it all up, so when Evan came downstairs in the morning he was greeted by his birthday decorations. He’s completely obsessed with the Hulk, and the theme was perfectly fitting for this brave warrior!

Party Decor Sources

Hulk Action Figure

Hulk Hands

Tablecloth & Skirt

Green Plates

Hulk Centerpiece Decor

Similar Table Runner

Hulk Backdrop

Hulk Cardboard Cutout

Hulk Beanbag Toss Game

Similar Photo Booth Props

Hulk Tattoos

Happy Birthday Banner

Cake Stand

Balloon Garland Kit

A Simple Winter Activity To Do With The Kids

A Simple Winter Activity To Do With The Kids

As we are still in a pandemic, a lot of the winter activities I would normally do with the kids are out (like going to the Discovery Center or Children’s Museum). I confess I’ve allowed way more screen time this past year than I normally would (we gotta keep our sanity somehow) but I also try to make them take breaks for some educational and creative activities.

I remember making simple bird feeders to help wild birds during the winter as a kid, and wanted to recreate this for my kids. It’s simple, fun to do together, and great for the environment.

What You’ll Need





Parchment Paper

Cookie Cutters



Bring 1/4 cup of water to a boil

Add in one packet of unflavored gelatin and stir until dissolved (about 2 minutes)

Remove from heat and let cool slightly

Stir in 3/4 cup of birdseed

Place 3 cookie cutters on parchment paper and fill them with the birdseed mixture

Use a second piece of parchment paper on top to press the birdseed down firmly into the cookie cutters

Cut a straw into thirds and put a piece of straw into each filled cookie cutters to create a hole

Put the filled cookie cutters into the freezer for 20 minutes

Remove from freezer and allow to slightly warm for about 5 minutes, then gently push the birdseed out of the cookie cutters

Remove the straw pieces and thread the twine or string through the hole and tie into a loop

Hang outside and have fun bird watching!