April Showers: Cute Rainy Day Gear For Kids

April Showers: Cute Rainy Day Gear For Kids

Rain jacket (Gap – old, similar) // Rain boots // Tee // Jeans

It has been an incredibly rainy April here in Boise – as in we’ve had at least a small amount of rain nearly every single day this month. I was out and about shopping recently and spotted these adorable rain boots for Evan, which he actually really needed because if it is going to rain every day what four year old doesn’t want to play in the puddles?! Today I thought I would share a few darling rain gear options for keeping your little ones dry while they play in the rain!



one // two // three // fourGirlsRainyDayone // two // three // four // five


A Spring Afternoon at the Orchard

A Spring Afternoon at the Orchard

My top (Zara – old, similar here, here, here) // Jeans // Boots — Cole’s sweater // Jeans — Evan’s sweatshirt (J Crew – old, similar) // Jeans // Shoes

Picnic Basket

Last weekend I talked my family into taking a drive up to the orchards because I just absolutely love how beautiful they are in bloom. I packed up a picnic and we tossed some chairs and balls into the back of the car, and drove out for a late lunch and some sightseeing. When we arrived we were greeted by a flock of wild turkeys that were running all over! The kids ended up having a blast finding sticks and playing catch, and I was able to get a few pictures of the beautiful floral foliage. Sharing pictures of this beautiful place seemed fitting for Earth Day and a reminder not to take nature’s beauty for granted!

“Time spent among trees is never time wasted”


Making Easter Special For Kids

Making Easter Special For Kids

I have to say Easter is one of my favorite holidays. Of course there is the important religious aspect, but even if you are not particularly religious I feel that Easter can still be a time for taking a moment to pause and reflect on the symbolism of new beginnings, hope and miracles. I’m also all about the cultural aspect of Easter celebrations and the start of spring along with bunnies, flowers, and baby chicks. And there are so many fun family Easter events and activities to partake in, which is of course right up my alley because I love celebrating every holiday in a big way and making it fun and memorable for my kids.


Color Easter Eggs: We always spend an afternoon coloring Easter eggs – because it isn’t Easter without it! We usually just use simple store kits, but they do have some really pretty options these days (I really love the metallic ones). You can also just use food coloring as well. And these are so “extra” but I really want these darling aprons for the kids!

Make Easter Cookies: We make and decorate frosted sugar cookies for several holidays throughout the year. It has become tradition to make our themed cookies and we always have so much fun sitting down together as a family and decorating them.

Visit the Easter Bunny for Pictures: I always joke that the mall Easter bunny looks a little creepy and strange, but it has become a fun tradition to dress the boys in cute spring shirts and go see the bunny for photos.


Go on a Easter Egg Hunt: We always attend at least one community egg hunt in the days leading up to Easter (last year we went to an evening glow in the dark one which was really fun!), as well as have our own small egg hunt at home on Easter. When we first started having our own little egg hunt, I didn’t think the kids would be super excited about it and did it more as an activity to keep them busy during the day. However it has become a must do as Cole will literally start talking about it weeks before the holiday and making sure we will have one. And on Easter he will ask all morning long about how soon we can have our egg hunt – so needless to say it has been a hit. At our house the Easter bunny brings baskets in the morning, and mom and dad set up the egg hunt in the afternoon. I also spotted this Easter Egg Hunt Sign Kit the other day and it is soooo cute. I really want to get it!


Easter Baskets: Of course Easter isn’t complete without Easter baskets! The bunny always drops them off at our house very early, so the kid’s baskets are waiting for them first thing in the morning! With the weather warming up, I like having things in their baskets that get them outside as well as practical things they can use into summer. This year I found so many ridiculously adorable things in the Target $5 and under section! Things like bubbles, sidewalk chalk, kites, gardening supplies, pool toys/swimsuits, and a few treats are perfect basket fillers.

Bunny Plates // Carrot Napkins // Bunny Cupsimg_9082

A fun breakfast: I like setting up a cute, festive tablescape and adding a little craft or something the kids can work on at the table. There are so many cute Easter breakfast ideas on Pinterest, but if you are strapped for time (or don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen if you are making Easter dinner too), a make ahead breakfast casserole you can simply pop in the oven is a great option. Also just decorating a simple bowl of oatmeal or making a bunny pancake is another fun option. I also like this springtime waffle bar idea or even just dyeing pancakes pastel colors would be cute! Last year I served these Peeps fruit skewers at dinner, but they would be cute at breakfast too.

Watch a fun show: To get the kids to settle down after the morning excitement & pass the time until dinner, we like watching a spring or Easter themed movie or show. My boys just recently watched Watership Down on Netflix (they loved it!) and this would be a great Easter Day watch. A Charlie Brown Easter is a classic, and we also really enjoyed Hop last year! This year I’m thinking that we may watch Peter Rabbit.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetimg_9081img_9075

Dinner as a family: We used to go out for brunch, but after several years of feeling that it was a bit of a hassle trying to get dressed up and drag the kids out, we started staying home and we have found it to be a lot more fun and relaxing. I always cook a big meal (I personally love a traditional ham!) and sitting down to dinner together with my family. While we aren’t regular churchgoers, we still observe the religious aspect of the holiday and talk to the kids about why we celebrate Easter. My husbands father’s family was Jewish, so we also like to talk about Passover so they can understand a bit about their family background and beliefs! I always use my mother-in-law’s vintage Pottery Barn spring plates – with the bunnies and flowers they are just perfect, and of course sentimental as well.

Wishing you and yours a blessed and happy Easter!Signature

Life Lately

Life Lately

Top // Jeans // Sandals (Topshop, old – similar) // Sunglasses // Barrette // Necklace // Bag — Evans Shirt // Jeans // Shoes

Things have been BUSY around here. It seems like we went from hibernating and dealing with a long, miserable winter – to hitting spring going 100 mph! We finally got Evan enrolled in swim lessons which has been long overdue. So far he’s loving them and he’s already seeming a lot more confident on the water! He also started soccer last weekend and I’m so impressed at how hard he’s trying and how good he did (especially since it was a cold & rainy morning)! He scored 2 goals during their cute little scrimmage so I was a very proud mom!!!

We also finally added a new member to our family…a sweet little kitty named Max (or Space Cucumber depending on who you ask!). Cole has been begging for a pet for ages so we have been seriously talking about it for months now. On a whim my husband took the kids to the shelter & they fell in love with this kitty. He’s been a little under the weather with some kind of tummy upset/sickness since we got him (not gonna lie – it hasn’t been pleasant), but after a trip to the vet last week he seems to be turning around and doing much better. Cole has also been busy working on preparing for his annual Taekwondo tournament coming up next month!

We are finally getting outside a bit more and enjoying the beautiful spring weather here in Boise. We visited the Easter bunny last weekend, and took a little stroll afterward enjoying some of the pretty blossoming trees that are all over town right now! Ev and I also had a fun mommy/son day on Friday since he didn’t have school, so we went to lunch and went shopping for his soccer gear.

Top // Jeans // Shoes // Bag // Sunglasses

Cole’s shirt // Jeans // Shoes

And as for me…I’m going back to school (sort of)! I am an RN, but decided to take a break while my kids were little as nursing can be such a draining career – plus with my husbands job requiring a lot of travel I needed to be able to be home for the kids. Now that they are getting older, I’m feeling ready to dip my toe back in and possibly start back up on a part time basis or explore some non-clinical telecommute opportunities. I took my first step and enrolled in a nurse refresher program and it feels exciting to be getting ready to put scrubs back on soon!

Happy Friday!Signature

Spring Break Staycation

Spring Break Staycation

After spending the first half of our spring break on vacation, I wanted to continue the fun for the rest of our break at home with a staycation! We have finally started to have some nice spring weather here in Boise, so I definitely wanted to take advantage of that and get outside! We live just down the street from the Oregon Trail, (embarrassingly we’ve never done the walk along the trail before) so I thought that would be a really fun, educational activity. I didn’t even know they had signs posted periodically along the trail sharing some fun facts, and that along with the beautiful views and warm weather, made for a really fun afternoon activity.

I had seen this cardboard rocket awhile back, and had thought it would be a really fun craft idea for the kids during spring break. While out running errands we stopped and bought it, and it was an afternoon of total fun putting it together and decorating it. The kids even put on astronaut costumes/space pjs to really get in the spirit and play.

Similar rocket here and here // Astronaut costume

Going to get frozen yogurt is always a special treat, so we made a stop for some one afternoon!

We spent an afternoon taking a walk along the Boise river and went to a small stream near our house. The kids can spend hours throwing rocks in the water and playing with sticks.

We also had a special family movie night complete with popcorn and the kids each got to pick out a candy – just like going to the movie theater!

It’s been a little rough getting back to our routine, and am really looking forward to summer vacation. With only eight more weeks to go, I know it will be here before we know it!Signature

Spring Break in Sun Valley

Spring Break in Sun Valley

Sun Valley is one of our favorite places to visit, so we decided it would be a blast to spend part of the kids’ spring break there skiing and swimming! We arrived up there fairly early on Sunday (St. Patrick’s Day) and grabbed a quick lunch and did a bit of shopping. There is a toy store there that the kids absolutely love that we always visit, and I always love making a stop at Gold Mine Thrift Shop to check for treasures (they famously frequently have amazing designer donations!).

Coat // Sunglasses// Necklace // Bag // Bootsimg_2312

We spent the afternoon swimming in the heated outdoor pool!


Headed out to dinner! We stayed at the Limelight hotel and decided to just eat dinner there that first night as they have really good food and they also have live music. It was really festive for St. Patrick’s day, and we enjoyed just relaxing in the lobby listening to music while the kids played in the kids play area. We splurged on their truffle fries (which are amazing), and I also had a delicious arugula salad.

img_2334Sweater // Jeans // Shoes // Coat (Zara – similar) // Necklace // Bagimg_2307

Monday morning we let the kids play in the kids play room at the hotel for a bit before we headed off for a day of skiing. After skiing we swam again, and took an evening stroll around town.

Coat (Zara – similar) // Sweater // Jeans // Boots

On Tuesday we had yet another full day of skiing! The hubs and I ended up trading off watching Evan on the beginner hill, so we were each able to get some one on one time with Cole taking some more challenging runs.

My Jacket // Pants // Boots // Skis img_2443

On our last night we went to eat at our favorite restaurant in town – Pioneer Saloon! It just has the coolest ambience (make sure to look for Ernest Hemmingway’s gun!), and the food is so good. I had salmon and a “Jim Spud.”

We had so much fun on our little getaway, and I always really appreciate vacations with my family. Life can get so busy, chaotic, and stressful – so getting away and just focusing on one another & having fun is just so important! Many of my favorite memories are our family adventures, and even small trips like this are such a treat for us.

Since getting back home from our trip, I’ve been trying to keep the kids occupied for the remainder of their spring break and come up with some “staycation” activities and fun for them. I’m planning on writing a post about the second half of our spring break with some staycation activities we’ve done in the next few days if you are looking for some ideas!Signature

Spring Break on the Slopes

Spring Break on the Slopes

Living in Idaho, we are really fortunate to have so many great options for skiing nearby. Bogus Basin is just 18 miles from Boise so it is super easy for us to pop up there anytime…but my absolute favorite place to ski (and one of my favorite places in the whole world!) is Sun Valley. It is only a 2 hour drive from Boise, and I always feel that I’ve been transported into this magical mountain village whenever we go. I love how it balances giving you a feeling of escape, yet they have so many amazing amenities like incredible restaurants, upscale shopping, and luxury resorts. And I’m so excited that we have decided to head up to Sun Valley little spring break getaway this year! I feel like a spring break ski trip is such a fun option for a family friendly and active vacation – and spring skiing (warm pleasant weather!) is a lot easier and more fun with small kids. Today I wanted to share a few tips and a packing list if you are thinking of hitting the slopes this spring break!

Look online for package deals: Many ski resorts will offer package deals including discounted or even free lift tickets which can help save you quite a bit of money. Also if you have ski resorts locally or in your state, check with the resort to see if they offer in-state residents discounts!

Sign up early for ski school/childcare: Ski school and childcare spots are typically very popular and fill up quickly, so I would book as early as possible. Although my husband and I have both been skiing for a number of years, I definitely prefer to leave the ski instruction to the professionals, and giving my kids lessons has taught them so much that I wouldn’t have been able to.

If renting equipment arrive early and fill forms out in advance: Renting equipment can be really time consuming, especially if there is a line. Get there early, and if you can have your forms done before you get there it will help make the process go a bit more smoothly. And if you do ski at least a few times a year, it’s absolutely worth the investment to purchase your own gear! Spring is a great time to buy as most ski shops are starting to clear out their inventory for the season. Also, many resorts replace their ski gear every year or two and have sales to clear out their rentals! We actually purchased both of our boys barely used, perfect condition Volkl skis from Sun Valley this past year for a great price!

Prepare for the sticker shock of lodge food prices (or pack a lunch!): The food at the ski lodges at Sun Valley is insanely priced. As in a hot dog is somewhere around $10 and a plain black coffee is around $4. A very simple lunch for our family is easily in the $60-$70 price range. Yes the ambiance of the lodge is nice, but I like to keep some extra snacks in the car should the kids want to eat…and eat…and eat all day.

Check out the other resort amenities: Even though we love to ski, there are also a lot of other amenities at the resort we like to take advantage of as well. Most resorts have pools, and we absolutely love spending an afternoon in the outdoor, heated pool. Some resorts may also offer ice skating, sledding, a sleigh ride, or other fun winter activities. And of course enjoying après ski appetizers by a fire at the resort is a must, especially if they are having live music!

Packing List:


Poncho // Leggings // Toiletry Bag // Suitcase // Sunscreen // MoisturizerSpringBreakSlopes2019.2Ski Jacket // Ski Pants // Skis // Goggles // Mittens // Fleece // Vest // BaseSpringBreakSlopes2019.3Hat // Boots // Vest // Sunglasses // Sweater // Jeans // Swimsuit // Poncho // Fur Headband // BootsSpringBreakSlopes2019.4Ski Pants // Ski Jacket // Ski Trainer Harness // Edgie Wedgie // Gloves // Helmet // Boots // Sweater // Swim Trunks