An Activity A Day – 7 Activities To Keep Your Kids Busy During Spring Break

This week is spring break (boy has this year flown by) and I’m in a bit of scramble mode coming up with some ideas for our spring break staycation. Most years we would go skiing in Sun Valley, but due to Covid and Evan’s ongoing recovery we will be staying home. I wanted to come up with a few ideas to keep the kids engaged for a bit each day so we don’t get sucked in to a week of endless screen time, and have put together a list of daily activities. If you are looking for ideas for your own spring break staycation, I hope you find this post helpful!

Feed The Birds

In this post I made a few months back, I shared this simple bird feeder activity to do with the kids. The birds have finished off what we made for them, so it’s time to make some new feeders and thought it would also be fun to perhaps assemble a little birdhouse too.

Take a Hike

A few years back we spent the majority of our spring break at home, and to keep the kids busy we did several nature walks and easy hikes. This hike pictured was taken on the Oregon Trail which is just down the street from us. Cole studied the Oregon Trail this year in school so he’s got a renewed interest in it, and we are going to take this hike again over spring break as we haven’t done it in a few years. It’s got lots of educational markers posted along the trail and it’s pretty neat & very educational! Even just a simple nature walk is always fun for kids, and you can make it more engaging by adding in a scavenger hunt.

Pretend Camping

It is way too cold here in Idaho for real camping right now, but why not set up a campsite indoors?! My kids get a kick out of this activity and it can be made to feel as realistic as possible with indoor s’mores, campfire stories, and sleeping in a sleeping bag under the “stars.” You can read more about this in a previous post here.

Cook Something Together

My kids always have fun getting in the kitchen so every so often I’ll try to get the kids involved with making something. This past summer we made homemade ice cream which was a ton of fun (you can see my post here), but the options are endless. You could have them make personal pizzas, teach them how to make one of their favorite meals, or even give them a cookbook they can browse and choose something they want to make.

Do An Art Project

A few years ago I found this super cool cardboard rocket ship that the kids got to decorate and then play with. You could literally let kids decorate some old boxes and make them into a fort which would be just as fun, but a kit like this makes for extra convenience. You could also have the kids paint rocks, garden stones, or get a head start on creating a gift for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

Photography Contest

Photography is one of my favorite hobbies and I think it would be so fun to teach my kids a few of the basics and see the world through their eyes. Give them a camera for a day and see what they come up with!

A Day Of Giving

This past year has been a tough year for everyone. Many people have lost loved ones due to the pandemic. Many have lost their jobs and are struggling financially. Having spent the past year dealing with a child having a life threatening medical emergency and a difficult subsequent recovery…I know these times are not easy. Donating food to a local food bank, donating toys to a children’s hospital, or even just doing a random act of kindness is a wonderful way to make the world a little brighter and teach your kids about giving back.

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The Prettiest Spring And Easter Dresses

Even though we will be staying home for another quarantine Easter this year, I really love the idea of dressing up and celebrating big. Last year at this time, my son Evan was in the pediatric intensive care unit fighting for his life. And while Easter has always been a special time of year, it now holds extra special significance for us. On Easter Sunday last year Evan had finally stabilized and improved after six weeks of intensive care, and was able to be transferred to the regular pediatric unit as he began his recovery. Spring is truly a time of hope, rebirth, and renewal. And Easter is a reminder of God’s never ending grace. He still performs miracles today.

I’ve been on the hunt for a few options for Easter dresses and settled on these two. I’ll probably wear the longer sleeve option as the spring weather here in Boise is still cool, but I love this other dress so much I’m keeping it as well. Today I wanted to share some of the prettiest spring and Easter dresses I’ve come across in my search.

Dress (also here) | Booties | Hat (Rag & Bone, old – similar)
Dress (sold out in this style – similar) | Shoes

Under $500…

Under $250…

Under $150…

Under $50…

One (use code FLASH) | Two | Three | Four

The Cutest Spring Pajamas For Kids

I’m a sucker for cute pajamas for my kids and I especially love themed holiday and seasonal pajamas. My kids really love pajamas too which also makes them a great gift option (my kids pretty much always get a set of pjs as one of their holiday or birthday gifts). I’m looking to grab the kids each a set or two of pajamas for their Easter baskets, and today I wanted to round up some of the cutest options I’ve seen.

Transitional Coats And Jackets To Wear For Spring

Tee | Jeans | Sneakers | Coat (old – similar here, here, here, here ) | Bag | Earrings

The days are starting to become sunnier and warmer, and there’s definitely a feel of spring in the air. That said, spring in Idaho can be 60 degrees one day and 30 degrees the next day (or the next hour for that matter), so a mid weight jacket is a must have clothing item this time of year. I tend to gravitate towards lighter colors to give my outfit a more “spring” look and feel, and a water resistant jacket is another wonderful wardrobe addition for those rainy spring days. The “shacket” trend is still going strong, and in lighter fabrics and colors, they make for another stylish and fun option for a spring jacket. My absolute favorite jacket for spring is my classic Burberry trench coat which I’ve had for about 10 years. It is definitely one of those pieces that is worth splurging on as it will never go out of style, and is such a versatile piece.

One | I love the sweater material of this shacket

Two | A classic trench in a plaid print

Three | This pretty pink raincoat also comes in a few other colors

Four | This green color is so unique, but this classic raincoat comes in a few other colors as well

Five | This classic silhouette but in a sweater material makes for a comfortable layering piece

Six | Such a pretty blush colored shacket

Seven | This classic neutral colored moto jacket is on major sale

Eight | A classic denim jacket is pretty much a must have spring wardrobe piece

Nine | This tweed knit blazer is so unique and could be dressed up or down

Ten | This oversize plaid shacket comes in a few other great spring colors too

Eleven | This under $50 trench looks so much more expensive than it is. I love this blush but it comes in a really pretty white option too

Twelve | Such a versatile jacket that will go with anything

Thirteen | A fun updated twist on a tweed jacket

Fourteen | This light blue moto jacket feels so fresh

Fifteen | A more casual trench coat option

Sixteen | This classic blazer can be dressed up or down

Three Ways to Make St Patrick’s Day Fun For Your Kids

St Patrick’s Day is often seen as a party holiday for adults, but having grown up in a small Irish Catholic community, I’ve always seen St Patrick’s Day as a family holiday. Our community always had a huge celebration that included a parade, sheepdog trials, lots of traditional Irish food and dance, and of course fun activities for the kids. I have my own Irish ancestry as my grandmother descended from Irish immigrants, and I love sharing this holiday with my kids so they can learn a bit about their heritage as well. We’ve developed some traditions over the years in how we mark the day, and today I wanted to share my three favorite tips for making this a fun holiday for kids.

Wear Something Festive

It is tradition to wear green on St Patrick’s Day so you don’t get pinched, so have some fun with this and wear something festive. This year our family got matching Shamrock pajamas which are so fun!

Make A Leprechaun Trap

One of our favorite traditions is building a leprechaun trap. I go to the craft store and buy a ton of different items to use to decorate our trap and then let the kids get creative making a trap out of an old box. This one from a two years ago is one of my favorites that the kids ever came up with. They made a cute rope ladder and decorated the box with moss, rocks, shamrock stickers, and had a little pot of gold coins to lure their leprechaun. The kids always excitedly race downstairs St Patrick’s Day morning to check their trap to see if they’ve caught one, and while they haven’t succeeded, they do always find a clue left behind for a treasure hunt. Pinterest has tons of free printable options to make a St Patrick’s Day treasure hunt, and our treasure hunt always leads to a pot of gold chocolate coins and a few little trinkets (like tattoos, socks, stickers).

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten

Cook Something Fun

My kids’ favorite St Patrick’s Day treat is green pancakes and milk, and I love making this for the kids for breakfast each year. Adding a cute activity placemat makes the meal feel a bit more special too. One year we made shamrock shaped sugar cookies and decorated them with edible gold sprinkles, and this year I think we will make Lucky Charms Bars (think Rice Krispie Treats but with Lucky Charms instead). Every St Patrick’s Day I make a traditional Cottage Pie for dinner, and I would love to have the kids help me make a traditional Irish Soda Bread this year too. Adding a few decorations and festive touches make the meal a little more fun too.

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten

I hope this gives you some ideas for a fun St Patrick’s Day!

Easter Decor Edit

March is officially here, Easter is just one month away, and spring is definitely in the air. A few days ago I put out all of our Easter and spring decorations and I’m loving the cheeriness it brings to our home. Adding a few decorations always makes holidays a lot more fun and special for the kids too. Today I wanted to share some Easter and spring decorations I’m loving.

February Buys I’m Loving

The end of February has finally arrived, and today I thought it would be fun to share a quick post of some of my favorite buys over the past month.

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten

One | I’ve loved this skincare line for a long time, but just recently bought this lip balm to try for the first time. It is amazing for moisturizing lips, and I love each of the 3 scents so much that I’m so happy I purchased the trio.

Two | This candle blends two of my favorite scents – lavender and lemon. It has been bringing a little feeling of spring into my home and it’s also very affordable.

Three | I’ve been hearing good things about this brand, so I recently picked up this sleeping mask. I absolutely love the texture and scent, and it really does make my skin soft and glowy.

Four | I’m someone who is very sensitive to scents, and in looking for a new perfume to try I came across really great reviews for this one. It has a light, fresh scent that isn’t overly strong for someone sensitive like myself and I have really been loving this.

Five | I really love the look of Bottega Venetta’s pouch clutch, but I simply cannot justify $2800 for a clutch that will only get used a few times a year. This $40 option is a fantastic substitute and really looks very high quality.

Six | I recently bought this delicate wash for washing my washable silk items (like my pillowcase), and I absolutely love the light, fresh scent. It also keeps my silk items in pristine condition and they wash up beautifully with this.

Seven | I have been stalking the Nordstrom Rack site for ages hoping to score one of these blankets on sale, and I finally got one! They don’t currently have any available (they tend to go fast!), but they pop up from time to time so definitely keep your eye out. This blanket is by far the softest one we own and our entire family is always fighting over it.

Eight | Evan saw a commercial for these and begged for one for literally a month. I decided to surprise him with one as part of his Valentine’s Day gift and he absolutely loves it. The lights really are calming and relaxing and it helps him fall asleep much faster.

Nine | When I apply my skincare products, I always apply the extra from applying to my face to the back of my hands to improve the appearance of aging on my hands as well. I was looking for something I could add specifically for my hands to my routine and came across this cream. I’ve just started using it and already see an improvement in my skin’s appearance.

Ten | Covid has really made me want to up my sterilization game and sterilize everything. This phone sanitizer is great for sanitizing your phone as well as keys or any other small items. It has an aromatherapy port where you can add a little scented oil to make your items smell nice too.

Currently Loving: Wintery Florals

We’ve definitely entered that point of a weird in between season here in Boise. One moment it’s sunny and mild out, the next moment we are having a literal blizzard and waking up to snow on the ground. While I’m definitely ready for spring, I’m not feeling quite ready to burst out the pastel florals. I’ve been feeling really drawn to dark, wintery florals lately which I feel are a great transitional piece for this in-between winter and spring season.

Freshen Up Your Zoom Look With These 3 Things

Even though I am a stay at home mom, Zoom meetings have become a super important part of my son Evan’s ongoing care management for his brain injury recovery. And like many people, Zoom has been a way to stay connected with our friends and family this past year as well. It can be so easy to get stuck in a style and beauty rut spending so much time at home, but I do find that taking some time to make myself feel a little more glam always improves my mood. And it definitely makes me feel a little more confident when I have to see my face plastered on a large screen on Zoom meetings. A pretty feminine sweater, a pop of bold lip color, and some pretty earrings are a simple way to make me feel pulled together and a bit more fancy. Today I wanted to share a few pretty zoom look combos that I’m loving.

Sweater (old – similar here & here) | Jeans | Pumps (old – similar & here) | Earrings (J Crew – sold out online, similar) | Lipstick

Zoom Combos I’m Loving